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Have you thought about finding a way to work from home? Run your own business? Make extra money? Have you thought about doing any of those things AND being able to help others live healthier lives while also bettering your own health? I would like to first offer you the ability to get 25% off […]


My family loves Shakeology! What’s not to love when you get to drink a daily dose of nutrition containing over 70 superfoods? My three year old and one year old enjoy it so much, that we decided to make no bake chocolate Shakeology cookies. The end result – cookie balls that taste exactly like decadent […]


As parents we do everything we can for our children. We love them, we support them, and we do everything in out power to keep them safe. Unfortunately, every year, our duty to protect our children becomes more and more difficult. If you have three and a half minutes, this video courtesy of Healthy Child […]


Recently, I wrote a post about the 25 minute workout program that has been absolutely life changing for me. One aspect of this program that I believe is primarily responsible for providing me with the most energy I’ve had since having children is drinking Shakeology, also known to many as the healthiest meal of the […]


Win an omega-3 prize package from Nordic Naturals and find out how they are supporting the Save the Children literacy program!


10 easy tips for a greener, cleaner, and healthier home this spring!


An infographic from Healthy Child, Healthy World.


Do you know that a new report finds risky chemicals in nearly EVERY product found in the typical baby nursery?? Here are some brand new resources to help you make safe choices.


Natural cold and flu tips from my interview with Dr. Zarbock, founder of Zarbee’s All-Natural Cough Syrup


Bookmark worthy natural parenting posts from the volunteers at Natural Parents Network.


4 Do’s & Don’ts to Keep You Healthy This Winter


Learn how to have a greener Halloween, and visit the 2012 Greener Halloween Blogfest!


Welcome to the Fall Into Green Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering and Happy Green Mama through the Green Moms Network. Each participating blog is hosting a green or eco-friendly giveaway worth at least $25. You can find the list of participating blogs at the bottom of my post. Whether you are a mama-to-be or […]


Thank you to Stephanie of Good Girl Gone Green for this guest post! My favorite snacks are almonds (actually, any nut or seed will do) and dates. I could eat all day long. The nuts are nice and crunchy and the dates are so plump and sweet. A few weeks ago, I just throw a […]

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Why Shop the Farmer’s Market?

by Charise Rohm Nulsen

Thank you to Michelle of Everything’s Abuzz for this guest post! Spring has sprung and for many towns near us this means the arrival of a Farmer’s Market is just around the corner! Although we grow many of our own vegetables right in our own backyard, we still rely heavily on the farmer’s market for […]


I was honored to host the first Natural Parents Network monthly blog hop last week. The topic was Frugal Living, and we had 52 wonderful blog posts on the topic linked up. I highly recommend pinning the original post so you have all of them bookmarked, but if you would just like to bookmark a […]


20 month old Baby and I love baking together. I used to avoid baking because I thought it just meant creating sugary, less-than-healthy treats for our family, but now I love using these natural sugar alternatives to create healthy baked goods that we all enjoy. Here are the top 5 ways that I naturally sweeten […]


Scroll to the bottom of this post to link up your green living or natural parenting post. 20 month old Baby loves his fruits and veggies, so I look forward to trying these creative serving options! Healthy “flower” snack for kids Source: via Charise Rohm on Pinterest Creative kids’ snack in the shape of […]


20 month old Baby is a huge fan of yogurt, and he has especially loved stealing bites of my Stonyfield Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt. Since this yogurt is non-fat, and since some of the flavors are a bit rich for him (although a delicious treat for mama!), I was so excited to learn that Stonyfield […]


My mom has been making this meal throughout my entire life, and it is now one of my husband’s favorites. I love this dish because it’s healthy, vegetarian, filling, delicious, and yummy as leftovers. LENTILS & PASTA Makes approximately 8 servings 16 oz of lentils {rinse well & drain} 32 oz of crushed tomatoes with […]