The Best Natural Parenting Resources of 2012

Natural Parenting

Bookmark worthy natural parenting posts from the volunteers at Natural Parents Network.

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Green Christmas Giveaway Hop: Green Your Kitchen! {12/7, U.S.}

Current Giveaways

Win a copy of Unjunk Your Junk Food plus a two pack of ReUsies re-usable snack bags, enter to win a fabulous green Christmas grand prize, and check out many other included links for more green Christmas giveaways!

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Making Babies Book & DVD Giveaway: Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth the Natural Way {ARV $110; 4 winners; US & CAN}

Green & Healthy Living

Welcome to the Fall Into Green Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering and Happy Green Mama through the Green Moms Network. Each participating blog is hosting a green or eco-friendly giveaway worth at least $25. You can find the list of participating blogs at the bottom of my post. Whether you are a mama-to-be or […]

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Date Boat & Nut/Seed Ball Recipes: Enjoy These Healthy Treats!

Hungry Mama Hungry Baby

Thank you to Stephanie of Good Girl Gone Green for this guest post! My favorite snacks are almonds (actually, any nut or seed will do) and dates. I could eat all day long. The nuts are nice and crunchy and the dates are so plump and sweet. A few weeks ago, I just throw a […]

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5 Natural & Safe Sugar Alternatives for Baking

Healthy Mama Healthy Baby

20 month old Baby and I love baking together. I used to avoid baking because I thought it just meant creating sugary, less-than-healthy treats for our family, but now I love using these natural sugar alternatives to create healthy baked goods that we all enjoy. Here are the top 5 ways that I naturally sweeten […]

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Mom’s Healthy Italian Lentils and Pasta Recipe

Hungry Mama Hungry Baby

My mom has been making this meal throughout my entire life, and it is now one of my husband’s favorites. I love this dish because it’s healthy, vegetarian, filling, delicious, and yummy as leftovers. LENTILS & PASTA Makes approximately 8 servings 16 oz of lentils {rinse well & drain} 32 oz of crushed tomatoes with […]

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A Healthy, Easy, Vegetarian Crock Pot Recipe That My Toddler Loves (LINKY)

Green & Natural Mama Thursday

Scroll to the bottom of this post to add any of your green living or natural parenting posts to the Green & Natural Mama linky! Toddlers can have very short attention spans, especially when it comes to eating. That’s why I love creating meals that offer 19 month old Baby lots of whole foods that […]

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An Easy, Healthy, Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffin Recipe

Hungry Mama Hungry Baby

Lately, I’ve been trying to make a batch of a healthy morning treat at the start of the week so Baby and I can have an easy but healthy breakfast each morning. So far, this has mostly been a variation of breads, muffins, and pancakes. This week’s treat is a very easy and very healthy, […]

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Sunday Surf: The Best Fall Recipes I Found This Week (Link up your favorite recipe of the week!)

Hungry Mama Hungry Baby

Yay! It’s September! This puts me in the mood for fall spices, apple picking, cooking with the crock pot, beautiful hikes, and the all women fantasy football league that I am the commissioner of! In celebration of the start of September, here are a few recipe blog posts that I can’t wait to try (or […]

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Green & Natural Mamas Thursday Linkup Plus a Veggie Muffin Recipe for Toddlers

Green & Healthy Living

Happy Green & Natural Mamas Thursday! Link up your favorite green living or natural parenting post of the week with the linky at the bottom of this post after leaving a comment. I would love if you could grab the html for the Green & Natural Mama Thursday button and either add it to your […]

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Baby Led Weaning: Did it really work?

Hungry Mama Hungry Baby

Today, I am honored to have a post running on Natural Parents Network: Baby Food Be Gone: A Beginner’s Tips on Introducing Your Baby to Baby Led Weaning. As I look through the post’s photo essay, which shows Baby eating first foods such as toast with hummus, cucumber sticks, and multigrain rice cake at 7 […]

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Meat Matters

Green & Healthy Living

This is a syndicated post by Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, Executive Director/CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World When someone asks me what kind of eater I am, I usually say “conscious.” I spent years defining myself as a vegetarian, only to obsess over an unattainable hamburger and then fall completely off the plant-based bandwagon when I […]

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3 Easy Foods to Feed Your Toddler When He Has a Diminished Appetite

Hungry Mama Hungry Baby

My poor little guy recently had Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease, and the sores in his mouth really affected his appetite for a while. This was a wake up call for us to become more creative with the meals we were offering him because to be honest, we had it pretty easy up until this […]

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Baby’s 1st Birthday Party Recap: Ideas, Recipes & Pictures

Hungry Mama Hungry Baby

Baby’s 1st birthday party was a huge success on Saturday! We had around 40 family members as guests, with almost everyone being from out of state, so we were really feeling the love for Baby. Baby appeared to enjoy himself thoroughly! The Food We barbecued hamburgers, chicken, and veggie burgers, and put out two three-foot […]

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What is BPA? Why is it bad? What can I do?

Green & Healthy Living

This week, I would like to focus on BPA for my Growing Greener feature. When we buy baby products, we are all aware at this point that it is important to buy “BPA free” but does that mean our families are safe from BPA? And what is BPA anyway? What is BPA? According to the […]

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Bake Your Own Bread

Healthy Mama Healthy Baby

Do you have any interest in baking your own bread? First, I’ll tell you why it’s a good idea. Then, I’ll tell you how you can make your own bread with a super easy recipe in under an hour. Finally, I’ll tell you why I’m in love with my new bread machine. 5 Reasons to […]

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3 Steps to Flavor Your Way to Good Health

Healthy Mama Healthy Baby

For all of my busy mamas out there, here are three simple ways to flavor your way to good health. 1. Add cinnamon to your recipes. Did you know that cinnamon: – Lowers cholesterol? – Reduces blood sugar levels? – Protects against heart disease? Cinnamon should be a woman’s best friend because: – It has […]

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I Thought I Knew: My Role

Mama's Musings

                          Dust will keep, babies won’t “Cleaning and scrubbing can wait for tomorrow,For babies grow up, I’ve learned, to my sorrow.So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust, go to sleep.I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep.”Author Unknown When we first came home from the […]

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I Thought I Knew: Concoction Recipes

Hungry Mama Hungry Baby

I’ve never really been into cooking. There have been spurts here or there where I’ve gotten on a bit of a roll with it, but I can’t say I’m one of those people who loves to go through the process of actually making a big meal. What I do love is knowing that we’re eating a […]

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