Win a Crystal Sensation Body Buff and Butter Gift Set – Crystal Infused, Organic, and Beautiful! {US only; $40 ARV; 4/15}

Recently, I had the great pleasure to experience CrystalSensation’s Get Well, Immune Booster Body Buff & Butter Gift Set. It is crystal infused, and programmed to enhance the immune system and provide organic immunity. These products are LUXURIOUS! Each time I use them, I can easily pretend for a moment that I am being pampered at a beautiful, high quality spa.

Crystal Sensation Organic, Crystal Infused Body Buff and Butter Gift Set Giveaway

I adore the gorgeous scent of these products, and the butter has been a saving grace for my dry skin throughout the winter. No matter how raw my hands are at the end of the day due to cold air and constant hand washing, when I slather on Crystal Sensation’s body butter before I go to bed, I know my hands will be repaired by the morning. The texture is light and whipped, and I look forward to applying it as often as I can.

The body buff has also been incredibly helpful for warding off winter skin. I especially love the restorative power of one of the main ingredients in the buff, Raw Pink Himalayan Rock Salt. My skin feels so smooth and renewed each time I use this buff.

Aside from the above wonderful qualities, I have been very thankful for the Immune Booster Body Buff & Butter Gift Set because it provides not only healthy skin, but also a healthy body and spirit. The crystals used in this blend – Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Jade, Calcite – are programmed to enhance the immune system, detox the organs, and increase physical energy.

Crystal Sensation

Why is this crystal programming so special? As explained on the Crystal Sensation Etsy site:

The products are handmade individually using top quality organic carrier oils, organic pure essential oils, and exfoliants, such as Fine Himalayan Salt, Organic Vegan Raw Sugar and Organic Raw Shea Nut Butter. Each oil is selected because of its properties, natural fragrance and ability to blend with other oils. The oil is charged for at least 24 hours with specially selected crystals and stones, that have been cleared of their energy and programmed for the specific intention of each product, this is done with great care and ritual. The pairing of the crystal energy with the organic essential oils and power of intention makes this product unique. This is a skin care product that has a very high vibration, enabling its user to manifest results on many levels.

Crystal Sensation

These organic, non-GMO, vegan Crystal Sensation products are beautiful in all ways – from the intention behind it to the focused and meaningful creation process all the way through to the lovely way the gift set is presented in two 8 ounce decorative glass jars.

Owner of Crystal SensationThe real beauty behind the Immune Booster Body Buff & Butter Gift Set as well as Crystal Sensation as a whole is the owner of Crystal Sensation, Jessica. She is a native of Boston, MA, and began her career in the wellness industry in the year 2000 as a personal trainer and weight loss consultant. Since then, helping others find their motivation, strength, spirit and health has been her mission and passion. Jessica’s background as a Reiki Master, and her degrees in Exercise Physiology and Holistic Health provide her with the knowledge and awareness necessary to creating products that have such an impact on our health and well-being. She has also designed and created an award winning organic and environmentally-friendly spa menu, featuring organic vegan body treatments that would not only feel good but provide positive physical and emotional benefits, at the top spa in San Diego, CA. Jessica is a beautiful person inside and out, and I love knowing that her healing touch went into the creation of these exceptional, individually handmade products.

I highly recommend the Crystal Sensation products as a way to enhance your own health and personal care and stand behind the quality, beauty, and intention of these products 110%. They would also make fabulous gifts for various occasions. In addition to the body buff and butter gift sets, Jessica also offers Organic Perfume Oil Roll On’s (which I cannot wait to try!), lip balms, facial scrubs, and pampering packages.

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Disclosure: I received a Crystal Sensation Body Buff and Butter Gift Set, but all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. Alyson says

    I am very excited about this giveaway. So far I own two of the “Crystal Sensation” body butters. I have the one that is for clearing your aura or energy field called “Sacred Space” and have recently purchased to try one called “Shanti” which means peace. At the end of yoga class we always finish with the word Shanti passed from instructor to student. If I had to try a new a different body butter then the two I already own, I would like to try “Get Well” I feel like I am fighting allergies, and that my immune system is tied up battling things. I work with children and see many “germs” come my way. I think it would be beneficial towards adding to a healthy routine. So far with using the butter called Sacred Space I feel warm even down to my cold feet, and have seen improvement in my acne plagued skin. Shanti feels different it is gentle, soothing, and relaxing. Just wanted to share :)

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