The 25 Minute a Day Workout That is Changing My Life

I’ve seen so many headlines like the title of this blog post, and I always think that there is probably a catch or something that makes the story unbelievable, but now that I am experiencing it myself, I am so excited to share my story with others.

The 25 Minute Workout That is Changing My Life

I have never had problems with my weight, but since having my second child in May of 2012, I felt like it was much harder to get my old body back. Although most of the pounds came off, I sincerely believed that at this point in my life, I would never again have the body I used to have in my twenties. For several months, I just accepted that. I took long walks and worked out here and there, but I didn’t do anything consistently.

I felt less confident than I used to and just felt way less attractive than I ever did before. That feeling can trickle into many areas of your life, and I was not enjoying it.

On January 3rd of this year, we bought a used Livestrong Fitness Elliptical Trainer (affiliate link) on Craigslist, and that got me out of my funk a bit. I used the elliptical machine for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week while my kids napped, and after a few months, I was actually back at my pre-children weight.

That felt great, but the problem was my body still did just not look the way it used to me. I told my husband that I thought it would be impossible to ever get my old body back because as a very busy mama to two small children still in diapers, I couldn’t imagine how I would ever get out to the gym to workout hard enough and long enough to really transform my body.

Then I started noticing some posts on Facebook from an old friend of mine (David Atkins of Time for Change Fitness) talking about a 25 minute workout program that was providing people with amazing results. I talked to him more and learned about T25, a Challenge Program from Beachbody – the company that also offers workouts such as P90X, Insantiy, Turbofire, and HipHop Abs. My husband and I committed to doing the 60 day T25 challenge together.

We have now completed three weeks of the challenge, and we are blown away by the results. Here is what T25 has provided us with so far:
A challenge to take on together: At night, after the kids go to bed, rather than scrambling to start housework or sitting down to zone out in front of the TV, we take 25 minutes to spend time together – exercising, pushing each other, and ultimately having fun.

– My body is getting firm! I can see and feel my muscles. I am seeing ab muscles that I haven’t seen in years, and I am NOT doing crunches. It is so motivating! (And remember this is only from three weeks of doing T25!)

I have SO much more energy! My daughter has been getting her first molars, and still, with very little sleep, I have felt more energized than I have since having kids.

I feel better mentally. I am generally just feeling more positive and more inspired to be my best.

– I have now become a Beachbody coach so I can help others find a challenge pack that works for them.

I feel athletic and fit. I can’t believe just a short time ago, I had given up on ever looking the way I had hoped to look again! 25 minutes a day is changing my life.

If you have had feelings of doubt about your appearance, if you have tried various workout programs and have not gotten the results that you hoped for, or if you just want to kick everything in your life up to the next level, T25 is for you. Leave a comment below if you would like more information, send me a private message through the Contact Me form on the left side of the screen, or send me a message through my Beachbody web site. I would be happy to share more information with you.

If you would like more information about our next 30 day challenge group, please leave a comment below or send me a message.


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      Congratulations to your dad! That is so wonderful to hear. In the current challenge groups I am working with, people are averaging a loss of 20 pounds in around 5 weeks. It makes me so happy to know that people are getting healthier thanks to this program.

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      Thanks! P90X is another awesome Beachbody workout. I can’t wait to do it at some point. I’m not surprised that someone might feel sick at first because the workouts are intense, but the rate at which you get stronger is incredible. The first week of T25, my husband threw up after one of the workouts. Two weeks later, he is flying through them. The workouts just make your progress at an unbelievable rate. :-)

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      Absolutely! No matter how crazy my days get, I have never missed a workout yet. The fact that it is only 25 minutes is certainly what makes this possible!

      Brett, if you would like more info about the program, please just let me know!

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    My husband and I have also been making time to work out together in the evenings. For us, it’s just more realistic than trying to wake up early in the morning to do it. Everyone is different, and you have to find a time and routine that work for you. Keep up the awesome work! It’s amazing how something as simple as working out can change your entire outlook on life.

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    I am personally looking into at home workouts that would fit my age, and be low impact on my knees. I made sure I stayed in shape, especially after having 2 children, 10 days less than a year apart. But have noticed that without working out and getting older, I am 48 now, everything has gotten really out of control. My metabolism is null, and though I do not overeat or go crazy on junk food, I am out of shape. So now I am determined to turn this around before its too late.
    Cindi Thornton recently posted..My secret obsession….my mailbox full of #freebies!My Profile

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    I’m jealous! I love the feeling of your body changing from exercise. Everything firms up and feels good, and the endorphin doesn’t hurt either. I think I’d like to try this with my other half, too. We’re too lazy and it’s making us chub up!

  4. Debbie Garcia says

    Abigail is my first child and I had her at 38 y/o via c-section in Aug. She will be 4 months old on 15 Dec 2013. I’ve lost the pregnancy weight due to breastfeeding, but I still need to lose 40lbs I gained before pregnancy due to 2 major surgeries. I need help but it’s so hard to trust all the advertisements out there for stuff like this. Is this a good beginners workout video?

  5. Gabby Dando says

    Wow those are amazing results everyone’s talking about. I’m going to have to try this! I don’t need to lose weight necessarily but I definitely need to tone up.

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    Yeah you are right. Just 25 mints a day workout properly with some instructor instruction can change your life and can make your body look younger. Thanks

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