Wordless Wednesday: Story Land New Hampshire 2012 vs 2013 #Linky

We were so happy to return to Story Land in New Hampshire for the second year in a row this past weekend. There is no place like Story Land for families with small children; it is family friendly, safe, magical, fun, clean, and affordable. Just like last year, we had an amazing time, but as you’ll see in the collages below, one year makes a huge difference when it comes to the growth of little ones! Our son was able to enjoy rides this year that we never imagined he would be brave enough to ride just eleven months ago like the Polar Coaster and Dr. Geyser’s Raft Ride. Our daughter, who was a newborn for our last visit, loved every ride she was tall enough to ride – especially Dutch Shoes and the Oceans of Fun Sprayground. Like last year, we were so impressed with the beautiful grounds, friendly and helpful Story Land employees, multitude of changing tables, and even the food options. In addition to pizza and macaroni and cheese, we were all able to snack on edamame salad, pretzels with spinach Greek yogurt dip, and chips and hummus – welcome additions to the typical amusement park food menu. If you would like to purchase Story Land tickets at a discount price, please visit this link. Story Land really has something for all young families, and we highly recommend it as a place worth returning to again and again!











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