Zazoo Kids Photo Clock Giveaway: Help Your Little One Get More Sleep! {US & CAN; ARV $90; 7/3}

Zazoo Kids Photo Clock Giveaway

I first heard about Zazoo Kids Photo Clocks when a reader mentioned them in a comment on my post: 3 Products That Help My Toddler Sleep Better. It sounded perfect for my son who had been in a stage of waking up very early, so I was happy to give the clock a try when the opportunity presented itself.

Zazoo Kids Photo Clock Although my son now wakes up at a much better time for all of us, he is still loving the Zazoo clock. One of his favorite features is how the clock pictorially displays whether it is day or night. Big Brother has recently turned three years old, and he is extremely interested in whether it is day, night, morning, afternoon, or evening – particularly because with the late Spring sky, a light sky does not necessarily equal daytime. This feature really helps with answering his questions on this topic.

The other feature that my son really loves is the photo storage aspect. Big Brother could spend all day looking at his favorite pictures of our family and friends, as well as photos we regularly snap for him of large construction vehicles like cranes, bulldozers, and dump trucks. These pictures can easily be displayed on his Zazoo clock, and there is a very easy to use remote that allows you to scroll through the pictures at your own pace. In my son’s mind, I think this somewhat the equivalent of having an iPhone like Mama and Dada.

Check out this short video to learn more about the Zazoo Kids Photo Clock’s many features:

The ZAZOO Photo Clock helps young children tell time using visual cues. In doing so, they learn when it is time to wake up and when it is time to stay in bed, which allows busy parents like you to get more sleep. The clock can also be used as your child gets older as a timer (great for homework), a rotating digital picture frame, an MP3 player and an audio book reader. All of ZAZOO’s clocks can be personalized to fit your child’s unique personality and come in a variety of colors and cute designs…

To learn even more about the Zazoo Kids Photo Clock, please visit their web site or their Facebook page.

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Disclosure: I received a Zazoo Kids Photo Clock, but all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. talisha sturms says

    My oldest daughter who is 6 is not going to sleep at all at night. I work third shift but she tries to stay up till i get home then wants to sleep all day however she starts school soon and I want her on the right schedule.

  2. Laurie Emerson says

    My biggest sleep challenge right now is my 2 year old who is teething and having a hard time getting to sleep. I feel so bad for him and have tried every kind of teething medicine ever invented!

  3. says

    My boys are waking earlier and earlier. Staying up late has no effect on what time they wake and no naps! We are a grouchy bunch by 2-3.

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