The Natural Emergency Kit That I Always Carry in My Diaper Bag

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The All Natural Emergency Kit in My Diaper BagWith an 11 month old and an almost three year old, I like to be prepared for whatever I can when we are out and about. We spend a lot of time outside of our home – at children’s classes, activities, play spaces, and play dates – and there are certain natural items I rely on to get us through the little accidents that so often happen to little ones at these ages.

Here are the items you will always find in my backpack, aka diaper bag:

1. Arnica:
If you’re not familiar with arnica, it’s a homeopathic remedy made from a flower in the sunflower family that has the most amazing healing properties when it comes to bumps, bruises, and soreness. I have found that if I apply arnica to an injury within the first ten minutes of when it happened, the swelling goes away almost immediately. I really could not get by without it!

I actually keep three different kinds of arnica in my bag:
– Whole Foods’ 365 brand of arnica gel

Hyland’s Bump ‘n Bruises Ointment with Arnica: This is kind of like a big tube of chap stick, so it’s really easy to get on a squirming little one.

Hyland’s Arnica Montana, 30X, Tablets: If the bump or bruise also has broken skin in the area, a couple of these tablets on the tongue really help – although not as much as the gel or ointment.

2. Chamomilla 30X Tablets
This is really helpful with teething, but it also helps so much with the hysterical behavior that can also accompany an injury when your child is scared and hurting. I find that chamomilla takes the edge off and really helps my children calm down when they are faced with a big physical challenge.

3. Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Wipes:
If I need to clean up an injury or clean my hands before touching an injury, I like having these non-toxic and naturally based wipes handy at all times.

4. Badger Antibug Twist Stick:
Now that the warm weather is here, I consider keeping the bugs off my children a major priority. We live in an area with lots of mosquitoes (and West Nile Virus has been found in the mosquitoes here) and ticks. When we spend time outside, I like having a certified organic, all natural stick of anti-bug balm to swipe on to my kids and myself.

5. Cloth Wipes
Cloth wipes are perfect for putting pressure on a wound, wiping noses (or other bodily fluid messes), and drying injuries or tears.

What emergency items do you keep in your purse or diaper bag?


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  1. says

    Fab list! Arnica is a must. Even lOOKiNG at the tube is pain relief to a toddler! I don’t really carry a nappy bag much anymore, but these are great to keep handy anyway!

  2. Maryann D. says

    Terrific idea’s. I always planned ahead when my kids were young. I never left home without some wipes for messes.

  3. Stacey Roberson says

    Arnica is a new one on me. This is definitely something I need to look into and buy. My little guy turns one tomorrow, so there will be lots of bumps and bruises to come, I’m sure.


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