5 Free Resources for Families Who Want to Get Outdoors This Spring

Although it’s hard to believe due to all of the snow piled up around our house, spring is right around the corner. If you’ve had the kind of winter that we have had here in New England, you are probably more than ready to get outside and experience some fresh air and outdoor family time.

5 Free Resources for Families Who Want to Get Outdoors This Spring

Sometimes, when you’re feeling the cabin fever and just want to get out, it’s hard to remember what more there is to do outside than play in the backyard or visit the local playground. Here are 5 resources to provide you with plenty of inspiration and ideas for outdoor family time this spring:

(If you live in the UK, please visit Free And Almost Free Resources For Outdoor Activities In The UK at Diary of a First Child.)

PBS KIDS offers these awesome resources to help your family explore and investigate outside.

If your little ones need some inspiration to break the winter habit of playing indoors, some of their favorite characters may be able to help them from April 1 – 22nd (Earth Month!) when PBS KIDS celebrates the outdoors with some of your favorite PBS KIDS series such as Wild Kratts, Curious George, The Cat in the Hat, and Dinosaur Train. Visit this site for information about those episodes, as well as corresponding outdoor activities for each show.

2. National Recreation and Park Association – Helping Get 10 Million Kids Outdoors
National Wildlife Federation is offering these fantastic opportunities to families who are looking to do things like:

– Plant free trees
– Celebrate National Wildlife Week, March 18-24, 2013
Create wildlife friendly gardens
Find parks, trails, and nature sites near your home.

3. TLC
TLC Family’s web site provides an extensive resource of really fun outdoor games for kids.

4. Nature Rocks
This site is a family fun nature planner. It can help you find all sorts of nature activities based on how long you want to be out and the age of your children, plus it offers useful tips and information to help you get into nature without getting over your head.

5. Active Kids Club
This is such a fun resource with spring activities such as letterboxing, outdoor musical play time, and fairy houses.

What are your sources of inspiration for getting outside with the family?

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    I’m bookmarking this post, so I can have ready access to it when this snow melts and the
    Mercury rises. :) Thank you, Charise!


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