Going Green with Toys This Christmas

Going Green with Toys This ChristmasShopping with a conscience this festive season need not just be about charity gifts, up-cycled
jewelry, and exchanging sustainable clothing. It makes sense to include a green side to your
present buying for the children as well, teaching them a respect for the environment while also
giving them safer toys and playthings.

Traditional gift ideas like building blocks, figure toys and puzzles are often more effective when
simply made from wood. The carved wooden animal set from Jupiter’s Child is hand-crafted from
natural materials and the Under the Moon fishing set from Born at Home Toys has a colourful,
chunky appeal.

Soft toys don’t need to be made from synthetics when there are so many suitable natural fibres
around; felt hand-puppets, knitted dolls and crocheted animals all make perfect presents. The
ragdolls by Earthsling are made with retro and recycled fabrics for gifts that both entertain and

Organic clothes are a good way to go to if your children are prone to reactions or rashes from what
they wear. If you’re after some trendy sleepsuits for your child this Christmas, SoRad do ninja style
sets, hoodies and onesies for girls and boys, made of materials like bamboo and natural cotton.

There are as many green gift ideas as traditional ones in the market at the moment so it really is
worth looking out for them this festive season. Although environmentally-friendly products can have
a higher price tag, they are often healthier for children and, as they last longer, can be re-used and
loved for years to come.

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