5 Reasons Why I Love Babywearing

If I could only offer one piece of advice to a mama expecting her second child, it would be to find at least one carrier that you are comfortable with and to start babywearing as soon as possible. I literally can’t imagine what my days would be like with a toddler and a baby only 23 months apart without my ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier. I believe it enhances life for my entire family in so many ways.

Here is why I can’t imagine parenting without babywearing:


1. My hands are free.
I can vacuum, empty the dishwasher, do laundry, etc. while I know my baby is comfortable and happy.

2. My toddler’s activities have not had to change at all.
We do the same activities, classes, and play dates that we did before Little Sister arrived. My hands are free to play, make art and music, and dance with Big Brother.

3. My baby girl never misses a nap.
It turns out that Little Sister is a big fan of routine and following a specific rhythm every day. She is now 3 months old and takes three naps per day. Either her morning nap, late afternoon nap, or both occur while we are out, but she is always able to fall asleep right on time while she is snuggled against me in the Ergo.

4. I can nurse easily and discreetly as soon as my daughter shows interest.
No matter where we are, Little Sister can nurse immediately and comfortably. I can’t even find words for how much I appreciate this aspect of babywearing. It is the ultimate convenience, and my baby girl never has to go without on demand feeding.

5. It enhances our mama/daughter relationship.
Little Sister can smell Mama, hear my heartbeat, play with my hair or necklace, exchange smiles with me, and physically feel my love for her no matter where we are. I am able to be completely in tune to her wants and needs.

Recently, there have been a couple of circumstances where I was out and about with both children and was not babywearing. I literally felt like I lost my kryptonite! It was difficult to nurse, my back ached as I tried to hold Little Sister and play with Big Brother, and I just generally felt incapable of attending to both kids as I normally would. Never again will I be caught without my Ergo!

Do you babywear? If so, why? If not, what keeps you from doing it?

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  1. says

    Those benefits cannot be overstated! With a busy two and a half year old and a baby who craves constant touch, I’d be a mess without the convenience of a wrap. Of course a I’m still a mess sometimes, but for the most part were doing okay 😉

  2. Michelle says

    I could not agree more! I still wear my baby and she is nearly three!Now I use for street fairs, long hikes, ferry rides and other times when bee needs to be carried or held. Then I used it for grocery shopping, went for long walks, played with my toddler, and felt like a super mama bc of baby wearing! I unfortunately had two used carriers that I used up until I got my ergo (maybe 5 mths ago) I wish i knew the difference then, i would have changed immediately!

  3. MamaP says

    Only wish this had been around 34 years ago – Dada wouldn’t have heard , “You’re going to have to wait til I put the baby down.”

  4. says

    We love Babywearing! It’s just… easier! Of course all the benefits and attachment but I can take the kid anywhere which makes my life more fun. We took a cross country road trip with our baby and our Ergo LOL. I only wish I would have gotten the Ergo from day 1 and not waited until he grew out of the Moby. I used the Bjorn for a little while until I learned more about their hips and how to properly carry them.
    Margaux recently posted..It’s Snacktime! {Tahini Toast}My Profile

  5. says

    You’ve hit the nail on the head! I love babywearing! I just started putting my 17 month old in the grocery cart with the driving wheel because it’s been over 100 degrees here, and she expressed interest. She loved it! But, after two weeks and 4 trips to the story, she’s tired of it and wants the Ergo back! (She loves nursing while shopping, and this is very, very difficult in a grocery cart!)
    Amy G recently posted..Disequilibrium at the Half-YearMy Profile

  6. Donica says

    I could not agree with all the above more! I, too, have used the ERGO for all 3 of my boys. I couldn’t navigate my world of a kindergartner, a preschooler and a 6 month old any other way! We don’t go anywhere without it. After 3 children and many many baby products later… this is hands down the one item I highly recommend to new moms and moms of multiple children more than anything else out there!

  7. Stella says

    I won’t lie. I feel pretty rockin’ when I’m out and about wearing my baby and can breeze past all the bulky strollers. Plus, it makes me feel pretty awesome even just around the house.

  8. says

    I couldn’t agree more, my boys are 28 months apart and i would die in the grocery store without my boba. I actually had to run to the store during naptime last week and i wore little in the moby and my big guy on my back in the boba because he didnt want the cart.


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