To Sleep or Not to Sleep

by Charise Rohm Nulsen

When I was pregnant with our first child, my mother-in-law commented that
we didn’t need the port-a-crib I had registered for because the baby would
just wind up sleeping in our bed; after all, that’s what she had done.

I about fell over. Of course my baby would NOT be in my bed! Every
parenting magazine and book I had read through discussed the negatives of
doing that. I was sure I would roll over on my tiny daughter, she’d get
tangled in the blankets, the dog would lay on her, or she’d fall off the
bed… Just thinking of it made me picture awful things happening to my
precious baby, not to mention the lack of alone time for the husband and

When we brought our bundle of joy home, she didn’t want to sleep at night.
My husband and I walked the hall with her, not realizing then that we
were further stimulating her. Finally, when I could take no more, I’d
prop myself on the couch, still afraid of what would happen if I laid in
bed with her. Let’s just say Mommy (and Daddy) didn’t get much sleep at

The weeks flew by and I returned to work, thankfully by then she was
sleeping through the night.

Long story short, I knew I had to be home with my little girl and resigned
at the end of the school year, just in time to find out we were expecting
our second bundle of joy.

This time around I was determined NOT to miss out on a single snuggle. I
took a nap almost every day with my little boy snuggled in my arms while
his big sister napped in her room. The nights he had trouble falling
asleep? I laid down with him in our big bed. Usually I’d fall asleep,
too. I’d wake to find him sleeping peacefully and would lay him in his
port-a-crib, next to our bed.

Not only did he and I BOTH get more sleep, but I really think it helped to
make him the snuggler he is today.

The moral to the story? It is easy as a new parent to want to do
everything perfect; we listen to all the parenting experts (and sometimes
find they don’t actually know everything).
By the second child we have a
much better grasp on what we’re doing (and may even find out our in-laws
knew a thing or two after all! Shhhh!! Don’t tell my mother-in-law!)

Thank you to today’s guest poster – One Mommy!
OneMommy blogs at There’s Just One
, where you can read about her adventures as a SAHM of a 3 and 4
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