Wordless Wednesday: Paternity Leave (LINKY)

Our little girl was born on May 30th, and I feel so incredibly lucky that my husband took a 3 week paternity leave in celebration of this event. It was such a special, honeymoon-ish time for our family, and I am beyond thankful to my husband who does so, so much more than his share in our partnership. Here is a look at Jeff’s paternity leave and at why we are so lucky to have this amazing guy in our family:

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  1. MamaP says

    Your experience, new Baby and Big Brother’s experience, and Dada’s experience is forever enhanced because of Dada’s involvement and paternity leave at this early and critical stage. Hats off to Vista Print and other companys that recognize this!

  2. says

    That is so awesome! He really it’s a wonderful dad, isn’t he? If only more fathers could take this time! Mothers, too. I’m really looking forward to Andrew’s paternity leave :)


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