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    It’s really amazing and fascinating to see how our technology evolves and steps up. But the sad reality is our environment and nature is suffering from this tech evolution, that will surely affects mankind in the future.

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    Wow. Thanks for posting this Charise. I have heard plenty about Apple’s irresponsible manufacturing, (and I assume many other companies making cell phones behave similarly), but this really is eye-opening.
    Melissa recently posted..Culinary Wanderings #4My Profile

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    This is the kind of graphic more people need to see, but my fear is that it is still too far removed for most to comprehend what we are doing to ourselves by the rampant consumerism of technology. I do have an iPhone, but before that my phone was almost 10 years old. I was certainly an anomaly. I hope to keep this iPhone in good working order to maximize its use and reduce my impact, but it makes me so sad that I have contributed in this way.
    Brenna @ Almost All The Truth recently posted..My Birthday BoysMy Profile

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    Thank you for the post. It is good reminder of the true cost of commercialism. Frankly, Apple is not the only guilty party. There are are many companies out there…Apple is an easier target because of their ability to set trends.
    While the post is useful, I thought it would be good for us to remember that, the same symptoms plague any industry that are fuelled by materialistic demand. E.g. Diamonds, branded running shoes made by factories that hire child labour, etc. How about cheap cars targeted at the lower income folks? Cheap cars are likely to cut corners when it comes to environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices.
    Bottomline : it’s a a SHARED responsibility. Afterall customers fuel demand. Yes, corporate social responsibility is important. But they will not work as well without educating the public on their responsibility towards the environment, upholding core values of a society, etc. Government definitely can help in the education aspect.
    Saba @ leadership skills recently posted..Testing for Leadership SkillsMy Profile

  5. Heidi19 says

    Great post! This is an eye-opening and i hope that the government will take actions to solve this problem before it’s to late. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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