3 Halfway Steps for Mamas Who Want a Green Baby But Aren’t Ready to Go Green All the Way (LINKY)

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Mamas always have the best intentions for their babies, and as information about green living becomes more mainstream and accessible, many mamas would like to provide the greenest and safest environment for their little ones. Unfortunately, having a new baby – especially a first baby – is a time of drastic change in a mama’s life, and desires to provide the greenest possible beginning can easily fall away as you are swept up in everything from moments of extreme joy to unbelievable exhaustion.

That’s why I would like to provide some excellent halfway steps to greening your baby’s life. Every little step counts when you are growing greener, so be proud of every baby step you take!

1. Diapering
Yes, cloth diapering is the greenest way to go, and most of the cloth we have in our home is also the easiest possible cloth diapering option: bumGenius 3.0 All-in-One’s. This diaper involves nothing more than putting on the diaper in the same way you would put a disposable diaper on, but if you’re not ready for cloth, not ready to use it all the time, or just want to wait until your Baby gets out of the newborn stage (this is what we did), Seventh Generation Free and Clear Diapers are great. You can get a great deal with Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program, and they are free of chlorine, latex, fragrance, and petroleum based lotions.

2. Diaper wipes
The greenest way to go is to sew your own cloth wipes, cut up old flannel baby blankets, or buy some adorable wipes on Etsy. You can also make your own spray on wipe solution, but if you just want to buy wipes that are safe for your baby, we like Seventh Generation Baby Wipes, Chlorine Free and Unscented.

3. Pajamas
Did you know that pajamas in size 9 months and up automatically contain flame retardant chemicals? To avoid these dangerous chemicals, you can buy organic pajamas, or the snug fit pajamas in any brand that have the bright yellow tag stating they do not contain these chemicals. For more information, please see: Is All Children’s Sleepwear Treated with Flame Retardant Chemicals?

What halfway steps do you recommend to mamas who want to have green babies?

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  1. says

    Halfway steps for brand new mamas is such a great idea. Even if we want to do everything perfectly, for our own sanity it often isn’t possible.

    Let’s see, I would suggest that if you can’t buy an organic mattress, at least let it air out until the chemical smell is gone (if new) and buying an organic mattress pad/cover.

    Also, taking care of mama is just as important, but if you can’t afford everything organic, adhering to the rules of the Dirty Dozen for fruits and veggies and the 5 ingredient rule for processed foods.

    Probably good for any ages though. 😉
    Brenna @ Almost All The Truth recently posted..Attic Journals, a romantic reuse of old books. (Giveaway!)My Profile

  2. says

    Good God! It can not be true! Flame retardant chemicals in baby pyjamas? I had no idea about that! That is just crazy! Thank you for this. BTW experts reccommend to buy brand new matress to each baby, it is not too “green”, right?
    Emilia recently posted..veneer teethMy Profile

  3. says

    Thanks for this post! It’s true… so many mamas are overwhelmed by having a baby in the first place, that doing something like using cloth diapers or cloth wipes seems even more intimidating. With cloth diapers, I find that it’s easy to start off by borrowing someone else’s stash. Once you get your hands on them and start using them, they are addicting, and the overwhelming factor quickly disappears.

    About the pajamas… I remember being taken aback when I read on a tag that one of my son’s PJs were flammable and should be worn tight. But the reason they are flammable is because they are 100% cotton and DON’T have chemicals.
    Gaby @ Tmuffin recently posted..Tips for Breastfeeding a ToddlerMy Profile


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