My Misdiagnosed Miscarriage Story

As you may know, I announced my pregnancy recently. The beginning of first trimester was difficult; not only because of constant nausea, but also because I was told that I was definitely having a miscarriage. Since we experienced miscarriage in our pregnancy before Baby, you can imagine that this was quite the emotional roller coaster for us.

Although this is pretty personal, I think it’s important to share this story with others to possibly prevent anyone else from having to go through this.

Here is our story:
We have moved since the time when I was pregnant with Baby, so I made my first pregnancy appointment with a reputable practice of midwives and doctors. Although I had never been to this practice, they are the affiliate practice of the midwives that I saw during my pregnancy with Baby. Although they typically don’t see people till 8 weeks of pregnancy, they didn’t have appointments available at that time, so they made an appointment to see me at 6 weeks.

I immediately liked the midwife (I’ll call her Nancy) that I met with at that first appointment. She seemed kind, knowledgeable, and empathetic. Since I was breastfeeding Baby, I had only had a few periods of varying length, so she wanted to do an ultrasound to date the pregnancy.

I am pretty methodical with dates so I shared the exact dates of my cycle, as well as the date of conception. Nancy still expected to see the baby measuring 6 weeks, although by my calculations, it certainly seemed possible that I was not quite there yet.

During the transvaginal ultrasound, I could immediately tell that Nancy did not like what she was seeing on the screen. She told me that this appeared to be a miscarriage because the fetus was not where it should be as far as development. I felt pretty shaken as I got dressed and prepared to go back in the examining room, but I also felt somewhat unaccepting of the news because I thought I just needed to remind her again about the dates and that maybe I just wasn’t as far along as she expected.

Back in the examining room, I clearly stated my thoughts about the dating over and over again. We looked at a calendar, we went through the range of possible ovulation and implantation dates, and I basically pushed the conversation as far as it could go. I questioned every statement she made, but Nancy felt absolute with her proclamation of miscarriage, so I prepared myself to share the news with my husband and family.

I asked if we could do a beta blood test to measure the HCG levels (pregnancy hormone), and Nancy agreed. I would get blood drawn that day and then repeat the test 48 hours later to measure the rate at which the HCG was doubling. The rule of thumb is that they basically expect HCG levels to double every 48 hours. I held out a bit of hope that the HCG tests would tell a different story than Nancy’s version.

Being the information obsessed person that I am, I researched like crazy over the next couple of days. I still believed, based on my research, that my dating could lead to a pregnancy about a week behind the expected dating if my dates were counted from the furthest ends of potential dates.

After getting the results of my two blood tests, the opportunity for hope seemed pretty grim. Nancy was as empathetic as ever, but she still maintained that we were definitely having a miscarriage. The doubling rate of the HCG was about 126 hours and she wanted it to double every 48 hours. I checked out The BetaBase and learned that something like 5% of healthy pregnancies could still have numbers similar to mine, but Nancy didn’t agree.

I then asked for a third HCG test because Nancy was asking me to decide how I wanted to handle the miscarriage – naturally, medical management, or surgical management. I was thoroughly researching all of these options and couldn’t decide what to do so I thought a third HCG number might make the answer more clear (i.e., if my HCG was going down, I would let things happen naturally). Nancy agreed to let me do a third test as a way to help me decide on miscarriage management.

The results of the third HCG test showed that my numbers were still going up! They were doubling at a rate that was very slightly faster than last time, but they were still nowhere near the 48 hour mark that Nancy hoped for. This did not make sense to me at all, so I asked for another ultrasound at the appointment that we had set to discuss how to proceed with the miscarriage.

Nancy was going away on a two week vacation, so she would not be available for this follow up appointment, but she promised that she would get in touch with me to check on me no matter what when she got back. The doctor that I saw that day stayed in the room with me as the ultrasound technician did the ultrasound. Lo and behold, there on the screen was a baby with a visible beating heartbeat! It was SO amazing!

The doctor said that based on the ultrasound and the dates that I provided, there was now no sign of miscarriage or abnormal pregnancy!

Still, they had me come back for weekly appointments, and for several weeks, I really believe that I was treated as a “miscarriage waiting to happen” rather than a healthy, pregnant woman. Although this was obviously very annoying, all I cared about was that I was having a healthy pregnancy.

The important message that I want to share is that you should always trust your instincts and not be afraid to question and demand additional testing when dealing with medical professionals. I greatly respect medical professionals for their hard work and for the miracles that they perform every day, but it does not mean that they are infallible. If you are told you are having a miscarriage in early pregnancy, make sure you exhaust every possible testing option before you accept this news. Miscarriages are misdiagnosed frequently, and I wonder about how many women out there who do not have insurance opt to not have one or two more ultrasounds because they don’t have the money for extra testing and understandably want to process their grief and move on with dealing with the miscarriage.

We are grateful for our little miracle, and I hope this story might help another mama out there!

Have you ever heard a story about a misdiagnosed miscarriage?

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  1. says

    I am crying and have goosebumps at the same time. I can’t believe what you have been through, and thank goodness you are an educated, empowered woman! I can’t believe how many people might have had a surgically-managed “miscarriage” to remove a healthy pregnancy. How are you feeling about Nancy? Have you seen her since the last ultrasound? I would be infuriated, but completely relieved! I’m so glad everything is ok, but I’m so distressed that you had to go through that.
    Gaby @ Tmuffin recently posted..Homemade Yogurt from Lactaid MilkMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks, Gaby!!
      I have not seen Nancy again. She never called me to check in after her vacation as she said she would. At some point, I’m either going to email her or leave her a note at the office to share my feelings with her so she can think twice about sharing this kind of news so quickly in early pregnancy again. I’m not thrilled with this practice in general now, but I just haven’t found a better place yet. There is one doctor there that I really like. The funny thing is that I really wanted midwife care again, which is the only reason I am even at this practice, but this doctor is much more “me” than any of the midwives I have met there so far.

      • Lindsay says

        Thank you for sharing this.

        I went in for my first appointment yesterday and the doctor didnt see anything but the sac. He immediately jumped to miscarriage. He called me this morning after running my blood work and told me my levels are high enough he should have seen something. But I believe I’m only 4 weeks along and am hoping I have the same outcome. He wants to do a d&c next week. But I’m going to refuse for a little bit longer. I don’t feel like anything is wrong. I’m having normal early pregnancy symptoms. I refuse to believe it for a few more weeks atleast

        • says

          Thank you for sharing your story, too! I’m wishing you the best. It does seem very early to talk D&C. Follow your gut. There is absolutely no harm in waiting as long as you feel is necessary.

          • Lindsay says

            I have an update. I got the news last week that I would miscarry because there was an empty sac.. Went back in today to confirm and to start the process for a D&C and there is a healthy, 6 week 4 day baby growing with a healthy heartbeat!! Thanks for giving me hope!!

      • says

        I just wana say tht you have shed some light on my situation i experienced this with my now 13 year old with no explanation and now pregnant again for 3rd time and experiencing this horrible nightmare all over again my hcg numbers keep rising and droppin but initially they were a little off from the average woman. I wish that I could just find out what causes this and what I need to do lost last child 5-27-13 so Im tryna b hopeful

  2. says

    I am sorry to hear you had to go through all of that.
    I am also glad you knew to have a blood test done; that’s something I never would have thought of. I have experience wrong ultrasounds before… They thought my son might have Down’s and told us the day we found out he was a boy; all our joy was taken. I’ll skip the long story of all the test they took – He was born healthy, with very bent pinkies, that was it.
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  3. Danielle says

    What an amazing story! I am so sorry you had to go through all that, but it was worth trusting your instincts. Congratulations!

  4. says

    I’m sure you found with your research that while the doubling rates should be around 48 hours, as long as 72 hours for doubling is still within the range of normal. I am so glad you waited patiently! Too many doctors go by last menstrual period and don’t accept that a woman’s cycle could really vary from the norm! Not to mention, an early ultrasound can be off on measurements and dates up to a whole week! I am shocked that she would jump the gun on such a small piece of information. I am so sorry that you had to deal with such a Negative Nancy! Congrats on your pregnancy!
    Maria recently posted..Let’s Get Crackin’! Misaligned Pelvis and InfertilityMy Profile

  5. says

    I honestly had no idea that miscarriages were misdiagnosed so frequently. I’m definitely going to share your story with everyone I know. I don’t think enough women know that they can ask questions and push for what they want and/or need.

    The only experience I have to compare was at about 10 weeks with my first pregnancy and it’s not the same thing by any means. The midwife I saw at one visit (we had to see all of the midwives in the practice) could not find the heart beat with the doppler, which I knew was completely normal before 12 weeks, but she placed her hand on my shoulder and stiffly informed me I may have miscarried. I didn’t really react at all. I knew she was really jumping the gun and I waited for another midwife to come in and check. The midwife who owned the birth center came in and found it in five seconds, so it obviously didn’t go very far.

    In any case, you’re so right about going with your instincts. Sometimes that means pushing medical professionals to go beyond what they might routinely do and that’s ok. Doctors are human and make mistakes and you are the customer, just like with any service industry. I’m so, so glad you kept pushing and your healthy pregnancy was allowed to progress! (FYI, my grandmother and cousin are doctors and I have the utmost respect for the medical profession, too)
    Erika @NAMAmmaSTE recently posted..Baby #2 Pregnancy Tracking: 24(ish) wksMy Profile

    • says

      Thank you for sharing this post, Erika!

      As for your experience, I’m SO glad that another midwife came right in to give you a second opinion! I bet my experience would have been very different if another caregiver would have come in to give her opinion too.

  6. says

    WOW, what a scary time! I’m so sorry you had to go through that panic, Charise. It just goes to show that we, as mothers, need to trust our instincts more. It’s ALWAYS best to get a second, third and fourth opinion before accepting a major medical diagnosis like this. I’m so glad you trusted yourself and that you’re new little bun is still baking away, waiting for the day he/she can meet the family! :-) Congrats again!
    Eve recently posted..Good Things Come in FiveMy Profile

  7. Lisa says

    I teared up at this story. I know this is an incredibly personal story for you and Jeff to share but I think it’s wonderful that this could help other pregnant women. It also goes to show that you never truly know what is going on in someone’s life – I of course didn’t know Jeff was going through this at work, and I only hope that I was kind and helpful at that time. Thanks for sharing Charise, praying for another healthy, beautiful baby!

  8. Cindy@Dental Blog says

    thanksfor your word and for sharing you personal story! i love your story so much… it gives me and other hopeless people to find that hope again, the light at the end of that dark tunnel, to catch the good things in a mad world. very impressive

  9. says

    I’m so glad the story had a happy ending, despite the emotional roller coaster which precipitated the happy news. It is a gift to share such a personal story. Someone will read this and it will be exactly what she needs to hear.
    Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. recently posted..Naughty.My Profile

  10. says

    What an awful thing to have to endure. mama instincts are super strong and good thing you listened ! I agree that we do have to advocate for ourselves, ask questions, seek options and alternatives and not be afraid to ask for a second opinion!
    I am so happy for you and your whole family. Continue to feel well and stay strong! Xo

  11. says

    Thank you for being brave enough to share this story, Charise. I’m so grateful for the expertise that medical professionals can provide, but there is always the possibility of a misdiagnosis and this case the results could be so very painful. Thank goodness you trusted yourself and exhausted all of your options! I am so happy for you, and so grateful for the awareness you’re bringing to this important issue.

    My mom had a misdiagnosed miscarriage with my older sister, and I’m so grateful she trusted herself because I can’t imagine life without my confidant.
    Melissa recently posted..Joy Pockets #13My Profile

  12. Kate says

    Thank you for reminding us that we have to be our own medical advocates more than ever now. Your story will help many. Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best in the future.

  13. stacy h says

    i had a true blighted ovum my body carried for 12.5 weeks before naturally miscarrying. the doctors were pushing pills or d/c(this was only my second pregnancy and i knew the risk of the d/c). i kept going back just to make sure. found a lot of comfort in while we waited. the very last dr appt was by far the most interesting. he rather coldly asked me why we were still ‘doing this’. i said because i wanted to be sure. that i could afford to be patient and wait a few days or weeks, rather than wonder the rest of my life if i made a mistake. he kind of sat back then and said, ‘oh. well that makes sense.’ then proceeded to tell me another doctor there he worked with had a misdiagnosed blighted ovum they later discovered was a viable pregnancy(term’d via d/c).

    i’m at peace with what happened. thankful for what i learned in the experience. and thankful you had a better ending to your story and can keep spreading the message!

    • Hopeful momma says

      I’m in a similar situation where the dr has confirmed several times both verbally and over email that I will have a 2nd miscarriage. I had 3 ultrasounds the past 3weeks and its been an emotional roller coaster! The first they saw a healthy gestational sac, the 2nd was a gestational sac + yolk sac and the 3rd was the same as the 2nd with only a 3mm growth on the gestational sac. I was asked if I wanted to schedule a DNC but opted for a3rd ultrasound coming up on the 2nd! I’m worried as heck and praying for a miracle. Your stories really give me hope!

  14. Charise W. says

    Unbelievable! I have nearly the exact same story. Although, I was seeing my PCP at the time. Was having some “menstrual” like type pains so she did an ultrasound early to confirm it was not ectopic. My hormone levels indicated pregnancy but my ultrasound “wasn’t where it should be.” She decided to do the whole HCG test and see if it doubles in 48 hours, which mine did not. She stated she believed I would have a miscarriage due to an “an embryonic pregnancy.” She discussed my options of either medication or surgical options but wanted to repeat an ultrasound at 8 weeks. I told her I didn’t want more than 1 ultrasound in a pregnancy and with nausea increasing, I would just wait it out and if I miscarried then it would occur on it’s own. Also, I had wanted a midwife for a home birth and she was not willing to support that decision. So we parted ways and 9 months later gave birth to a beautiful, PERFECT baby girl. I will tell you though, it was the most anxiety producing pregnancy b/c I felt that SOMETHING was going to be wrong with her when she was born. I had to double check her toes, make sure she had two eyes, etc. For a long time I felt maybe there was an alien growing inside me! I am so glad I listened to my God-given instincts to do things naturally. Ironically, I am a RN myself, so I feel like I’m legit in the education department. :) Thanks for sharing – and funny that we’re both named Charise!

  15. Jayna says

    The story that you told sounded so similar to mine. I was told at my 8 week ultrasound that my baby stopped growing at 6 weeks and there was no heartbeat. I was devastated I had suffered a miscarriage 3 months prior to that. She told me to go home and think about my options for a D&C or taking the pill. I went through a week of hell depressed, crying couldn’t get out of bed. I went in a week later to get the pill to pass the baby. I demanded another ultrasound before any intervention. Next thing I know I see a heartbeat on the screen and a baby moving around. It was the most amazing moment! The scary thing is they weren’t even going to do an ultrasound, but since I asked for one they agreed. Which meant that I would have taking the pill and aborted my wanted pregnancy! It is scary how often this kind of thing happens. Thanks again for sharing your story!

    • kelly says

      hi i’m 7 weeks 5 days pregnant and i had spotting a week ago,,, i’m worried about my u/s result a while ago there’s fetus seen but no heart beat ,they scheduled me again after 2 days, but according to the Dr. i shouldn’t expect that much…and there’s is no greater chance to have a heart beat again for my lil one….is it possible at 7 weeks and 5 days to have no heart beat? :(

  16. Christin says

    Thanks for this article, it is great to know I am not alone. We were told we were expecting before the July 4th holiday in 2005 and over the holiday our Dr was on vacation as were we. When I had a severe bleed they assumed to be a miscarriage. They told me as long as the bleeding was slowing to just remain on vacation, but if it got worse to head to the local ER there. It slowed and then stopped before we returned home. Dr ran blood test when we returned home, thus confirming blood levels going down, thus diagnosed it as a miscarriage, and said I had likely passed on its own. So left it at that. 4wks later I returned to Dr certain I was pregnant again, to be told nope, not. Then 4wks later same again, NOPE! Then third time 4wks later! YES! ok Dr says test last month could have been to early so at most 6-8wks. Well guess what? not! She felt my abdomen and proclaimed to me that I was 24-25wks!~ No way! Ultrasound an hour later confirmed 24.5wks. WE HAD NOT HAD A MISCARRIAGE! (they claim it likely was twins and we lost one a that point) but I really do not know. My little gal is now almost 7yrs old! And healthy as can be!

  17. elzabeth says

    my name is Elzabeth, previously I had blighted ovum diagnosed at 13 weeks and gone through MVA procedure in April 2012, it was really terrible. Recently, i become pregnant and checked hcg and confirmed pregnancy, when i check ultrasound at 6 weeks there was only empty gestational sac and the Radiologist written blighted ovum. I was to much disturbed to hear this but decided to wait more rather than having d and C. Later at 10 weeks, on Nov 2, 2012 the fetus was visible. I recommend ladies who have the same case like me not to give up soon.

  18. says

    I had a similar experience & the doctors prescribed me a medication to help expell the contents of my uterus. I demanded an ultrasound & bloodwork (despite their arguments against doing it since I was so early on) & the issues I had were not related to the pregnancy at all. Had I taken their initial advice, I would not have my son.
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  19. says

    Thanks for sharing this story! I had a similar diagnosis this past April, although in my case it turned out that the embryo had died. Still, I will always be glad that I questioned what seemed to me to be a very hasty diagnosis and that I waited 12 days to be sure. If I’d had the D&C right away, I’d be repeatedly freaking out about “what if??” for the rest of my life. The second ultrasound made it clear to me, before they said anything, what was going on: My body was still being pregnant–growing a bigger amniotic sac and longer umbilical cord, continuing to produce HCG and make me queasy–but the embryo was dead; it was much too small for the sac and just lying there in a way that looked like a tiny dead body, whereas 12 days earlier it had looked like it might be alive. It was very helpful to see that.

    I was in a similar situation of going to a new midwife group (my previous midwife had left town and transferred my records) and I was appalled by their approach. The ultrasound tech said we ought to be seeing a heartbeat (I later learned that at 5 weeks gestation, there is an 11% chance of the heartbeat being undetectable by ultrasound) and she would get a doctor. The doctor walked into the room and immediately said, “I’m sorry for your loss” BEFORE HE SCANNED ME. I was then sent out to the waiting room, filled with pregnant women and babies, to wait half an hour to speak with a midwife. Didn’t they ever think about what a cruel thing that is to do to a woman who’s just been told her baby died?!?! They are a large, hospital-based practice, and to me they seemed very impersonal and medically-oriented, the opposite of what I want in midwife care!

    I switched to a freestanding birth center that works with a different hospital, where I had my followup ultrasound and then D&C. They were a lot kinder and more reasonable. I don’t know if I’ll ever have another baby, but I will continue going there for my gyne care.
    ‘Becca recently posted..Lots of Science Projects for Kids!My Profile

  20. Alicia says

    I had an ultrasound yesterday, and was diagnosed with a missed miscarraige. I was told to go home and wait for a natural miscarraige to happen. I don’t know what to think after reading this. I don’t want to get my hopes up if the fetus really is dead….in my ultrasound, like with yours, she kept comenting on how hard it was to see, becuse of my very tipped uterus. We saw a lump or small mass inside the sack, but no baby and no heartbeat, they measured me to be 6wks, 4 days. I’m not sure how far along I am supposed to be, because of an adnormally long period in Oct. 12′, then I spotted off and on throughout Nov. I took an early pregnancy test, on Dec. 18th and it was postive. I had started feeling nauseous a few days earlier. With my last pregnancy, I felt the nausea around five weeks. Anyways according to the first day of my last period, I should be around 13 weeks, but my best guess is I’m between 8 and 13 weeks. I’m guessing more like 8, but I’m just not sure. We didn’t have sex in Dec, and only three times in Nov. and they were spread out, between the first of the month and the end of the month. ( I know poor hubby!) We were busy in Nov, I was out of town the first part of Dec & then I felt too pregnant and yucky, and have ever since! Good thing he is patient and understanding! I still feel pregnant, very tired, nauseous, and no signs of bleeding or spotting. This is all so confusing! I just wish I knew! I have been on a complete roller coaster ride since the ultrasound yesterday. I won’t have a d&c unless I absolutely have to, but I’m not looking forward to this dragging out for a month or more.

    • says

      I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through this! Thanks for sharing your story. I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you sticky baby vibes. It’s interesting that you have a tipped uterus because I do too. I’ve heard that this can sometimes make it difficult to see things on early ultrasounds. Sending you hugs!

  21. says

    I am so glad to hear that they were wrong! Nearly the same thing happened with our second baby. At seven weeks I suddenly started bleeding badly. I went in for an ultrasound and was told that I had an empty gestational sac. The ultrasound doc said to schedule a D&C. The bleeding stopped and I went in to see my regular OB a few days later. He said that they would never do a D&C based on such an early ultrasound and that he would like to wait until nine weeks and check again. I was relieved, because I thought I would have to fight him about it. At nine weeks we could clearly see a perfectly developed little baby with a strong heartbeat! She is now a 13-month-old and is snuggled up against my leg! :-)
    Thanks so much for sharing your story!!
    Justyn @ Creative Christian Mama recently posted..Why I Don’t Lower Fevers: Part OneMy Profile

  22. karissa says

    hi cgarise im so happy to hear that things turned out so well for you , we as mothers dont give ourself enough credit . sometimes we just know things . today i went to the ER because i began spotting a couple days ago . my HCG levels are where they are supposed to be , my sac is a normal size but there is no baby , or a heartbeat .. they dr. said im having a miscarriage . im only 6 weeks so i thought to myself maybe its to early to tell , but then i thought well im bleeding so maybe i am miscarrying . long story short i dont know what to think anymore , i really feel down and out and i really dont have a support system . anyone with sone words of encouragment or thoughts , i really need them thanks.

    • says

      Hi Karissa,

      Thanks for sharing your story! You’re in my thoughts. All I can say is that miracles do happen, and if this doesn’t turn out to be your miracle, hang in there because your miracle WILL happen. Hugs!

      Stay strong, mama!

  23. says

    Thank you for this testimony… I was told today that I would miscarry.. and that the baby stopped growing and it looks about 7 weeks. They did not hear or see a heartbeat… However, I dont have peace about giving up yet. We are praying for a miracle and will get a second opinion and another sonogram soon. I have been experiencing minor spotting but nothing heavy. I needed to read your story!

  24. Kaydee says

    I am going through hell right now. I am supposedly 9 weeks pregnant. Last Saturday I noticed a little spotting. Sunday, I noticed bright red blood so I went to the er. I was there 5 hours. They told me they didn’t see anything at all. The Dr. said I may have had a gestational sac but the ultra sound wasn’t clear. The following day, I went to my obgyn and they repeated the ultrasounds over. They saw a gestational sac but no baby. They took my blood and ordered me to come back Wednesday to repeat my blood. My hcg was 3,799 on Monday. I called today for my Wednesday results and that was 3,988. The nurse stated she’d have the Dr. call me back which he has not but she said that I was most likely miscarrying. I am devastated. I really want to just see my baby. I am still spotting but I am unsure if I am indeed pregnant or not. Idk what to do. My family wants me to wait 2 weeks for another ultrasound but I don’t know if I can bare having a natural miscarriage on my own. I live alone and my child’s father is not able to be with me at all times. Idk what to do.

    • says

      I am so, so sorry to hear you are going through this, Kaydee! I’ve been through actual miscarriage and misdiagnosed miscarriage, and all of the emotions that come with these experiences are pretty unbearable. Just follow your gut as far as how to handle this. You know your body best. If this doesn’t turn out to be your miracle, hang in there. It WILL happen for you. It may not be now, but it will happen. I’ll be thinking of you and sending you love and support.

  25. Kaydee says

    Thanks so much. I got a call from my Doctor this am. He urged me to go to the ER to see if the baby was in my tubes. He was worried. I was there about 5 hours. The baby is not in my tubes which is good news however, my gestational sac got a bit smaller which is a good time. Unlike last time, my doctor was more optimistic and asked me to come back in one week to see if anything changes. The lab tech said the gestational sac is just too small to see a baby at this point so I honestly do think I am 5-6 weeks not 9 going on 10. I don’t know why the sac is shrinking that alarms me greatly. I still have no answers. My hcg levels went from 3,988 to 4,600 in 2 days. This is so much on me emotionally. I just started a new job in November, I am going to return to work since I’ve been off all week being an emotional wreck. I just want to move on with my life or expect a healthy pregnancy. I thank you for your comments. I needed them. Are you aware of women with shrinking gestational sacs? I’m hoping the techs made a error measuring the first one. She had a lot of issues with that ultrasound I thought she would have to repeat it for a second.

    • says

      Thanks for the update! Do you have any new information? I personally haven’t heard of shrinking gestational sacs, but if you have a retroverted/tipped uterus, as I do, I know for sure that measurements – even by transvaginal ultrasound – can be off. Thinking of you.

  26. Amanda says

    I just read your story and I’m so thankful that you’ve shared!! I’m 5w 5d pregnant right now and went in for an u/s to make sure it wasn’t ectopic. All that was seen was the gestational sac which is normal for this stage of pregnancy. I ended up getting a call from my dr. saying that it looks like it was going to be a “spontaneous abortion”. I’m one of those people who do not have insurance so I totally know what you mean! However, if there is no bleeding over the next week then I go back in for another u/s. Your story has given me extra hope that just because “they” say it’s so doesn’t necessarily mean it is!

  27. Kaydee says

    Hey all,

    I ended up miscarrying on February 10th. It’s still very painful for me to even think about but I’m trying to move forward with life.

    • says

      I am so sorry to hear this, Kaydee! Thank you for sharing with us, and we will be keeping you in our thoughts and sending you big hugs. I know there are no words that are appropriate for this loss, but please know we’re sending support from afar!

  28. Jenna says

    Last week I went to the doctor with a positive pregnancy test and some bleeding. The doctor couldn’t find anything in the ultrasound and thought I was probably miscarrying, although he did acknowledge it could just be too soon to see anything or it could be ectopic (I think I was about 4 weeks at that point). My HCG levels fell a little for my 2nd blood test and still nothing on the ultrasound so he diagnosed miscarriage. I started my grieving process and felt I was pretty much starting to come to terms with it.
    Well fast forward to this week where slight cramping and spotting started up again so dr ordered another HCG and it’s way higher than the last one! He says its still not as high as it should be, but I am apparently still pregnant. I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster. I don’t know if this will end up being a pregnancy I carry to term, and this is my first pregnancy. I have felt pretty much every emotion you can think of this past week. I can’t tell you how surprised I was though to be diagnosed with miscarriage when that isn’t necessarily what is happening.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your story, Jenna! I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been on such a roller coaster. My HCG numbers were absolutely nowhere near where they wanted them to be, but I’ve now got a hungry 9 month old waiting in the high chair for me right now to prove that the numbers didn’t matter too much. Hang in there, and please let us know how you are doing as you have updates. Thinking lots of positive thoughts for you!

      • Jenna says

        I ended up having an ectopic pregnancy. I wound up in the ER yesterday and had emergency surgery. I ended up losing the fallopian tube.
        Thanks again for your blog post here. It’s nice to hear your and other women’s stories. I know it’s hard for many women to share these kinds of stories so I really appreciate being able to do that here.

  29. Kirby says

    What a great website with supportive and honest women commenting. On March 11, I was being prepped for a heart procedure (a ventricle ablation, which is a minimally invasive surgery to correct a racing heartbeat), and was sedated in the OR when the surgery was aborted (their poor choice of word) because my blood work came back from the lab that I was six weeks pregnant. Besides being more than slightly disoriented by the sedative, I had just turned 44 the previous day, so to say the least, I was shocked when they told me. I even went as far as asking the surgeon if he was joking! Can you imagine?
    I had an u/s three days later at my OB’s office, where I’ve received care through two pregnancies (I have two lovely little girls) and one miscarriage in between, which I had at home, at around seven weeks. It was emotionally difficult, but I experienced some kind of healing in being present for it, and I was also armed with knowledge that what I was experiencing was normal for a miscarriage. It was sad, but not frightening.
    At the u/s on March 14th, the tech was already able to pick up a heartbeat (amazing for so early) at dated the pregnancy at 5wk4days. This wasn’t so far off from my own calculations. A week later, I experienced some very slight spotting, which I had with both pregnancies I carried to term. I had no cramps and passed nothing significant, so I didn’t worry. My past experience told me that if I was going to miscarry, I couldn’t do anything about it at this stage (my hormone levels were where they wanted to see them) and worrying would only make me feel worse.
    On March 28th I went in for my not-quite-eight-week-check-up, and the tech couldn’t see anything but the gestational sac. Immediately she went to get my OB, who pronounced it was a miscarriage. We went to her office to discuss the different options, including letting a ‘natural miscarriage’ take place. She mentioned it could take weeks.
    I know it’s possible I could miscarry, or essentially already have. I’m realistic. But as others have said similarly on this website, I’m glad I’m taking the time to see what happens. As it is, I would be barely eight weeks right now, which is still quite early. And if I’ve miscarried, time will tell. I would be devastated to have read the experience of so many women (there was a study in Great Britain a couple of years ago that found up to 1 of 200 first trimester miscarriage is misdiagnosed, and in fact the pregnancies were viable.) after having a d&c or other medical management to move the process along.
    I’m in some peace just trusting my body.
    So, thank you to everyone and especially Charise for this encouraging and educational website!

  30. Charley cutmore says

    I had a blood test done on monday and my hcg levels were 37 today (weds) they are down to 10 ive had no pain or clots but have had some on off light bleeding, im still getting hot flushes and nausea and have a big appetite (not like me atall) the doctor finally said that my pregnancy was not viable but i still feel pregnant. Any ideas as im running out and really dont want this to be the end

  31. Victoria says

    I am so glad I found your website! I had a 6 week scan on Friday and was told they are 99% sure I will miscarry. My HCG levels are doubling every 80 hours, and definitely still rising. I am booked to go back to hospital on Friday so they can “manage” my miscarriage. After reading your story I have booked an appointment with my GP to discuss tomorrow am.

    Can’t believe they can get it wrong so easily.

    Thank you

      • Victoria says

        Hi Charise,

        Well today I had my scan, and they were shocked to find the sac has doubled in size since last week! I have to go back next week as they think by then they will be able to find a heartbeat if the pregnancy is viable.


          • Victoria says

            So today I went back for my 4th scan and the sac has continued to grow, but they can no longer find the foetal pole that they found last week. I was sent away with a phone number to ring when I’ve decided on how I want to manage a miscarriage.

            I have a tilted uterus, and have read so many stories about women in the same position being told they have a blighted ovum and go on to have healthy babies. So confused! I’ve booked a private scan tomorrow before I make any decisions.

          • says

            I’m so sorry. What a roller coaster! I have read the same about tilted uteruses, and I think my own tilted uterus contributed to the misread of my initial ultrasound. I hope the private scan provides more answers! There’s no harm in waiting as long as you want until you believe you have a definitive answer one way or the other. Your body, your choice. I’ll be thinking of you.

  32. Randi says

    Wow, so I am literally going through this right now. After having an ectopic pregnancy two years ago we finally got pregnant, only for the hospital to tell us we are miscarrying because I am 5 weeks pregnant, my hcg levels are not correct for how old the baby is, and they did not see a heart flicker. I was so upset, I know exactly when my lmp was and i sure as hell am not 5w6d prego!!. I had no clue what to expect no idea what to think. I called my nurse the next day and she said that it is possible that whatever the heck they were seeing was inaccuracy in their dates. So here I am 5 days later, waiting over the weekend for my second hcg count, and praying for the best. Guess we will see, but the sad part is when i had an ectopic at that same hospital they told me they saw a sac in my uterus and i would be fine, 2 days later my tube bursted. We know our bodies better than anyone! Never let someone try and tell you different!

  33. says

    With Ameli I was told at 5 weeks that I was miscarrying, as I was bleeding. I was told to go home and miscarry in peace. I bled for 20 weeks and spent that time with severe hyperemesis gravidarum and waiting to lose my baby. She is turning 4 this year.

    With Aviya I was told I was further along than I was pretty sure I was. By scan dates she was born covered in vernix and pretty pink at 42+5. It’s imperative to know and trust your body!!
    Luschka recently posted..Being Prepared For Personal DisastersMy Profile

  34. Nikki says

    Hi there,
    I have been on an emotional roller coaster this week. Here is my story- i was on bc pill for 7 years and decided to stop preventing this march (2013) so my lmp was march 5 (but this was the period during my last pack of bc pills). The last time i stoppedmtaking the pill i did not have a normal cycle for about 3 months and decided to go back on the pill. This time, i did not get my next period, due at the end of march. So on april 3 i took an at home test and it was negative. I took another test april 15 and positive! I couldnt believe it, my husband and i was thrilled! I went and got a blood test done that night and the results came back the next day, positive. So, now my roller coaster starts, and i need advice (as this is my first pregnancy).
    I went in for an u/s on april 22 to see how far along i was (i had no idea considering my weird off the pill cycle) and the u/s just showed a teeny tiny black hole, i assume thats the sac, nothing in it. The ob says it was too early but his “estimate” was that we were 5w6d and so far everything is great. Btw, at this point i have hard hardly any symptoms except exhaustion and being more hungry than normal. In fact i would have never known i was pregnant if i didnt test. So my next appointment came, may 10th. We were excited, thinking maybe we can see a heartbeat! I had the same exhaustion and hunger as before, no bleeding spotting or cramps, im in the clear right? So a new ob (not the same as before) starts the u/s and immediately looks concerned. She says “im afraid this is a miscarriage” WAIT WHAT?? She then says that the baby is only measuring at 6w4d and they cannot detect a heartbeat. She prepares me for my options, medicine to induce miscarriage or d&c. Then schedules me to come back in 10days. I am supposed to go back may 20th.

    What do you think? I very well could have been 6w4d ish- now about 7w3d. If i was further wouldnt the april 3 test come back positive? She believes i should have been about 8 weeks (based on the first ob “estimate measurement of my teeny blackhole” but thats an estimate right??? I still have no bleeding spotting or cramping. And i have hardly no symptoms because i didnt from the get go. My breasts have gotten a little more tender since my last u/s though it isnt unbearbale. I just dont know what to think.

    Do they normaly see heartbeats at 6 weeks? I have no idea how that works.. I am a nervous wreck waiting for monday the 20th. Sorry for the long post, you seem so positive and i read through everyones comments and i just need advice, i am okay with truthfully bad news, i am totally okay with my body taking care of business if something isnt right, but at this point i am just confused! I have no idea how far i should be, how far i am, if i miscarried, or if baby is okay… Time will tell.

    Thank you

    • says

      Ugh! I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been on such a roller coaster! Since you really have no idea about the dates, I personally would want to wait as long as possible to make sure there is no chance of this being a viable pregnancy before making any decisions. I know it is hard to ride it out, but there is no harm it waiting and seeing, right? There are so many things that can affect whether a heartbeat is seen – the quality of the ultrasound technology at the office, the tilt of your uterus (mine is retroverted which apparently makes early ultrasounds less reliable), a single day as far as dates go… Please keep us updated! We’ll be thinking of you and wishing you the very best!

      • Nikki says


        Went yesterday for a followuo u/s and there was no change, the fetus was a little easier to spot though. This doctor was a little surprised that the last doctor didnt order blood test to watch my HCG, as was i. So, he ordered me to get blood tests every 2 days. My first test yesterxay said my HCG was 22,000. I dont know much about HCG- your advice is welcome. I go back tomorrow to test again and will update. We also got sent to a high quality ultrasound in the radiology department rather than the ultrasounds done at obgyn department. The u/s tech did her measurements and what not but was not allowed to give any info. Sent the results to radiologist and radiologist gave them to the doctor. The doctor is supposed to call me with results but havent heard tonight. Hopefully tomorrow… Still no bleeding or cramps. Who knows … What does HCG 22,000 tell me if i am supposed to be about 8w (+,-). I am holding hope, but i am also realistic.. Do u think those numbers are low? Will follow up soon :)

        • says

          Thanks for the update, Nikki! I’m very glad to hear they are testing your HCG levels every two days and that they ordered a higher quality ultrasound. I think that when it comes to HCG levels, the actual number is not as important as the doubling time (although in my case, the doubling time could barely be considered in the normal range). A stand along number doesn’t mean much. Hang in there, and let us know what happens!

          • Nikki says

            My levels were dropping and the new ultrasound showed no heartbeat still. I ended up getting a d&c today. The procedurenwas very easy and hardly any pain. Do you think the next time i get pregnant i will have a succesfull pregnancy? My ob said it wasnt a viable pregnancy and the heart probably never started beating, so that means chromosomal right? I hope, im nervous to try again. Thank u for your help! Hopefully next time goes well!

          • says

            I’m so sorry, Nikki, but I’m glad to hear the procedure was as easy and painless as possible! I had a miscarriage before the birth of my son. We were pregnant with him four months after we started trying post-miscarriage. I know this probably doesn’t make any medical sense whatsoever, but I feel like sometimes, a miscarriage can be fate’s way of clearing out your reproductive system to create the best possible environment for your next pregnancy. Maybe that sounds crazy, but it seemed to be the case for me and all of my friends who experienced pregnancy loss. Keep believing, and I hope to hear back from you with happy news soon!

  35. says

    im a gmother an i went with my son an his wife nikki to er she had a normal m/p last month,on 6-1-2013,she started bleeding.the dr seems to say she has had a miscarriage.its been 4 weeks.they have never seen any her blood levels were only at first 400,then 2 days up tp 980,now drop tp 760.dr says she has a ectopic on her left overie an she could bleed to death in 20 minutes if it pops,they have did 3 u/s ,still see no sac.bleed for 21 days it has stopped now for 3 days overies are closed up.scared to go back cause she has no insurance.she says she fill p/g.also every test at home we have done comes back pos.we need a miracle an advice.she goes back 2moro for b/w an see if it has dropped more.she don’t want to go just let nature take her corse,what advice can anyone give an how far along would she be?sincerely gma.

  36. says

    gma an nikki back again.we wanted to let everyone know u have all helped so much.also nikki has a very bad tilted uteruses they said she was borned that way.aso they told her that she could see blood in her uteruses but still no sac.we go to drs on the 29th,if she goes.we really need this to be a baby,we beleive in miracles,also since the dr. told us all this she has been so depressed about the whole thing.we doat least know they can hope fully get pg.nikki is 31 an her husband 38 an tis will be there first baby.a miracle from above.all help needed,nikki angma.

  37. Wendy says

    Just want to say congratulation! I’m glad it was a happy ending to your story.
    Recently I just got check by my midwife. I told her I was 3 months along, but when they couldnt find the heartbeat, they did an ultrasound. They said the sack was only 7weeks and the baby was 6 weeks. Is that even possible, if so….How can I be 3months preggo and my baby is only 6weeks? (sigh) Please email for any advice you can give me.

    • says

      I’m so sorry, Wendy! Are you absolutely sure about your dates? Either way, there is no harm in getting blood work done and having your HCG levels checked throughout one week to see if the numbers are increasing or decreasing. You could always ask for a second opinion ultrasound as well. You don’t have to rush into accepting any information or making any decisions. Take all the time you need!

  38. jeni says

    This is the worst time in my life! I really hope i can get some insight on what i should do? I am a mother of 4 which this is my 5th pregnancy! But only to find out i am considered to have a miscarriage they have done 3 ultrasounds so far first two were only seeing a gestational sac and yolk sac no embryo or heart beat. Yesterday i go to the er and have another ultrasound done and the find 3 yolk sacs but no embryo no heart beat. Im so lost and confused..this is condsidered a blighted ovum but why would 2 more sacs appear? I go for another hcg…im suppose to be 7 weeks 5 days can anyone give advice on what decision i should make?

  39. Michaela says

    Same problem happened to me in 2010 was told I was having a silent miscarriage and to go back to early pregnancy unit 7 days after to repeat bloods as they didn’t match up and on ultrasound it was jet a blob with no heartbeat, so I can imagine what u went through that whole week a was in bits expecting to have this miscarriage and wen I went back to early pregnacy unit my blood test results had gone up which indicated I was still pregnant ad then had a very difficult pregnacy however dilived birth to my gawjus baby boy n the 05/03/2011. Glad I can share my experience with some1 else x

  40. samantha says

    This a a really wonderful site. Yesterday I felt deflated and was going to give up but today I feel a little more positive.
    Here’s my story, its a little long sorry!
    3 months ago we were told that I had secondary infertility. My ovarian reserve was that of someone who was 55-65. The Doctor told us that even with IVF or IUF there was very little chance of us getting pregnant. We decided that we would not continue with any fertility treatments, living in Egypt we would have to pay for it all, with very little chance of success it seemed pointless. It has taken us a while to come to terms with this news but I can honestly say by the end of June we had accepted it.
    July we decided to pack our things and spend the summer snorkeling around the various reefs in Sharm el sheikh. My period (which have always bee regular) should have started on 18th July but there was no signs. We thought nothing of it until 5 days later when I still had not had my period. My Husband said “could you be pregnant” which I replied “no chance remember what the Doctor said and I also have no signs”. But just to please him I did a test. There was the faintest pink line which was almost impossible to see in some lights. So we concluded No not pregnant. 2 days later my husband presented me with another test which I did, this time it had a faint pink line. So on the 26th July we called the doctor who told us to do another test but use only the first morning urine. We did this on the 27th and got a slightly darker pink line so definitely pregnant. We called the doctor back and told her our news she requested that we start to monitor the beta HCG levels and come to see her as soon as we get back. So we did 28/7 beta’s were 222 (very low considering I was supposed to be 5 weeks and 2 days. But still my husband and I were very excited and extremely happy. My husband was that excited he called his mom immediately to tell her. However, all does not end well. We monitored my beta’s values below:
    28/7 222 5 weeks 2 days
    30/7 1110 5 weeks 4 days
    1/8 1963 5 weeks 6 days
    3/8 2861 6 weeks 1 day
    As you can see they started off doubling but now only double every 4 days. We still felt happy because they were still going up and thought everything would be fine.
    Yesterday 3/8 we returned to see the doctor and showed her the numbers. She said they are not at all promising. She did a transvaginal ultrasound. After a short time she said she could not find anything at all. No baby, No sac nothing. She said that she thinks this is a miscarriage/blighted ovum, because beta values above 2000 always show at least a sac at 6 weeks.
    After a long discussion she said we have a few options to consider. I decided that I would like to wait and see if nature takes its cause. She asked us to do more bloods, one in two days and the other in four days, as these will give an indication to when the bleeding will start. She asked us to return in two weeks if I have not miscarried because there was a risk of infection.
    After reading around the internet last night I felt really sad in fact I cried all night. It seems that the general rule is that at 6 weeks a fetus and heartbeat should be seen. However, after not sleeping at all I decided to do one last search and then call her for the tablets or D+C rather than prolong the pain. Fortunately on my last search I found this site which has given me a little hope.
    I am not sure if I have a missed miscarriage/blighted ovum I am kind of hoping that like so many others on here the doctor is wrong.
    The last 4 months have been a rollercoaster in and out of hell. Seems we are on another downward slide. I will inform you tomorrow what the bloods say – i am praying for good news.

    • says

      I am so sorry to hear you have had such a difficult time. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

      Your situation sounds extremely similar to that of one of my best friends. She was even turned away from a very reputable fertility clinic because they believed she had so little chance of conceiving. Well, she has now conceived two children completely naturally!

      As for the potential miscarriage, I know how hard this period of unknowing is, and my heart goes out to you. There is nothing at all wrong with waiting to see what happens. You can wait till your HCG numbers actually start going down so that you can feel confident in knowing you are taking the right steps. I know it is emotionally taxing to wait, but you have the right to see what happens if you want to. I know that I’m glad to have waited because I now have a beautiful 14 month old girl to show for it. I also know that this is not going to be the case for everyone, but it is your body and you should not hesitate to do whatever is best for you regardless of what the doctors may encourage.

      I look forward to hearing an update from you!

  41. Chelsea D. says

    I know this post is pretty old but I googled misdiagnosed miscarriage to see what others have experienced. I went in four weeks ago for my first check up this pregnancy and the DR (who i’ve never met before) gave me a transvaginal ultrasound and said he couldn’t see anything. He gave me an appointment one week later saying he could see a sac but nothing in it. Week two came and I got the transvaginal ultrasound and again the tech said she could see nothing and they would be seeing me in one week. Last week I came in and the tech said the same thing. I must be having a miscarriage or will have one soon because they see nothing. She left the room only to come back an tell me to check in to the front desk again and wait for a 2nd appointment. Finally an hour later, I sit in another DRs office, again who I have never met to be told, ” You are pregnant but will not have a baby out of this. You have three options. First is to wait for it to happen naturally. Second, there are pills that you place in your vagina and in 24 hrs have a miscarriage and Third, surgery to scrape out your womb. But again, you will not have a baby out of this. There is also a possibility of a Molar Pregnancy and if not dealt correctly will result in cancer.” ……… I just sat there politely listening and responding but just remember being so perturbed. I called my boss and she had told me to stay home an additional four days to deal with this. (I had just recently had a miscarriage on Mother’s Day 2013.) Today is my last day off before I go back to work and nothing has happened. I know it’s only been a week since that diagnosis but in my heart I feel like they spoke too soon. I don’t know. I just feel so helpless. Not once did they take any samples to test my hcg levels and I don’t understand why.

    Hoping and praying for a miracle…

    • says

      I’m so sorry, Chelsea! The lack of compassion you have experienced just disgusts me. You have every right to demand to have your HCG levels checked. They should be checked every 48 hours. I hope they can do it right away for you because the later it gets into the pregnancy, the less reliable the #s become, but either way, you can see if they are going up or down. Don’t worry about the speed at which they double. My rates were barely even in the normal range, but they can at least tell you if the HCG is going down. If it is, then you can start to consider if this is indeed a miscarriage, but I personally would not feel confident about moving forward without doing that. Good luck and keep us posted!

  42. jennifer says

    First off thank u for this post as it has given me so much hope. I had been ttc for almost two years with no success and i was getting worried it was taking so long since i had conceived three times before w/o even trying and now i am 32. On Aug 13 i took a home test and it was pos.! I was overjoyed i had finally conceived!! I have no insurance either but went to er at 8 wks an had u/s only saw the baby and the heartbeat an everything looked great! I assumed seeing the heartbeat and measuring 8 wks that i had nothing to worry about. A week later i started spotting just a little but didnt worry bc i had that twice before and it ended up being nothing. When it contin. for cpl days i called the dr. and went in. My exam the nurse said it looked like the spotting was from my LEEP it was brown no big deal. Then i went for my u/s..the “dr” in training was very inexperienced he tried to do thru my stomach an he was pushing so hard tryin to see the baby i have never had that much pain. He then did t/v and found the baby but no heartbeat..I knew immediately on the screen where i should have seen and heard the hb it wasnt there and i became hysterical! I had never been thru this before i was in total shock. I talked to the nurse she told me all my options and that i had had a missed miscarriage. I am devastated..I immediately started researching and I have decided not to give up. I have another appt. in the morning and I am praying for a miracle. I dont want to go back to the same place but with no insurance i dont have a choice. I just dont feel like i am miscarrying! Please pray for us, my only support is my husband. Thank u again for sharing ur story and all the comments! Much love!

    • ellie jones says

      jennifer my name is ellie and yesterday i had an early scan my baby is measuring 6mm but was also told no heartbeat.after the midwife said im sorry your babys dead i cried my heart out,since then tho i have read so many site saying women had the same and the heartbeat was detectable a week later.i have a scan due on 10th sept so i am now hoping and praying there will be something then.i have no pain no bleeding .i would like to say to you do not give up hope take each day as it comes and be all i have to hold onto and i hope yu do get some happier news in future. xx

  43. casey says

    Hi Charise,

    I know your post is from over a year ago but I’m going through the longest miscarriage ever right now and had to post my story here (for some advice, some comforting words and to just let it out).

    On Monday, Aug 5th, I took a HPT and got a positive. My LMP was on July 5, so I would have been about 4 weeks along. On Friday, Aug 9th, I started to bleed (not enough to soak a pad, but enough to be quite alarming). It was a very bright red color as well. I saw an obgyn the next morning on Sat Aug 10th and he told me I’d likely miscarried already given that he could see nothing in my uterus. He also had my betas drawn and it was considered low at 725. Well, the bleeding stopped completely after a few days and I continued to have my beta’s drawn. It went down then rose, but did not double at all, and continued to rise very slowly (went from 725 to 649 to 755 to 875 to 1497 in the span of 4 weeks). In this time period, during the 7th week, a sac finally appeared, during the 8th week, an embryo and yolk also appeared. However, still no fetal pole or heartbeat to be seen. I have been told by two different doctors that this is 100% a non-viable pregnancy as they can tell from the beta numbers and also that there should be a heartbeat by week 8. I haven’t scheduled a D&C because I’ve been holding on to hope that God will still give me a miracle baby.

    Reading your story and everyone else’s here has been very comforting. Whether this turns out good or bad, I know I am not alone.

    • says

      I’m so sorry to hear that you have been on the emotional roller coaster! As you know from my story, sometimes miracles do happen, and I really hope you get yours. You have every right to wait this out as long as you want. It’s your body. Nothing bad will happen if you just wait and see and continue to get betas drawn. If your body begins to naturally miscarry, then you have your answer. If not, maybe you get a miracle. I know how hard it is to wait, but if you have any doubt at all, you don’t have to make any choices right now. You can simply wait and hope. I’ll be thinking of you. Please keep us updated!

  44. W. Darling says

    Did you ever take a pregnancy test? I had some bleeding for close to 3 days and took a HPT the next week and it came back negative, but still feeling nausea. If I don’t have enough of the hormone to make the test work, wouldn’t my nausea be gone?
    Congrats on your pregnancy!!

    • says

      I did take a pregnancy test, and it was positive for sure.
      It’s always hard to judge based on nausea alone. Your best bet would be to get a few beta blood draws taken to see if the HCG is going up or down.
      And thank you for the congratulations! That pregnancy is now a 15 month old daughter :-)

  45. cassandra evans says

    i am about 3-4 weeks and was just told that because my hcg levels did not change much in a 48 hour period that i am losing my baby. IAM HOPEFUL that they r wrong but i am cramping, though i have no signs of bleeding.Your story keeps me thinking positive either way so i think u for that.

    • says

      Thank you for sharing with us. I’m so sorry that you are going through this, but don’t lose faith yet. My HCG numbers were nowhere near what they wanted them to be, and the midwives and doctors had no doubt I was miscarrying. That supposed miscarriage is a wild 15 month old girl running through the kitchen right now. :-) Please keep us posted. I’ll be thinking of you.

  46. sonoD says

    Im so glad it all worked out for you. Let me just say, all respect to “Nancy”, but I wouldve requested a Ultrasound from a registered Ultrasound Technician, such as myself. This would never have happened had a registered Ultrasound tech done the exam and had a Radiologist go through the exam and make a diagnoses, no guessing by midwives, no disrespect “Nancy”. :)

    • says

      Thanks for your comment! An ultrasound technician did do the ultrasounds after the midwife couldn’t find them with the ultrasound herself. I think it was more a matter of the baby not growing at the rate or dates they anticipated. :-)

  47. Esther says

    Same thing is happening to me, Dr. Send me to D & C but I say I want to wait one more week, tomorrow I have a 7 weeks ultrasound I hope to see my baby heartbeat…thank you for share you give me a hope.

      • Esther says

        Now Im waiting my miracle in May, last week they find my baby heartbeat and I was so happy but the ultrasound technician stop our happiness saying “is not what I expect to see at this weeks” may baby heartbeat was 85 but when we talk with the Doctor she say wait to the end of this week because can be a days miscalculation, now everything is ok :)
        Thank you Charise for you support.

  48. Whitney says

    You were absolutely right when you decided to share this story–I definately needed to hear it! My first round of HCG levels 14 days ago showed 743 (which meant I was around 5 weeks). I had my first U/S and Consult with my OB yesterday; my U/S was first and the tech said “you must only be about 5 weeks, I can’t really see anything.” I brushed it off thinking that first HCG level was mis-calculated somehow and I really was only 5 weeks along. Then the OB told me the U/S “concerned her” because she “really thought she would have seen more based on my initial labs.” I had my HCG redrawn and per my results today my level is a 17,830! :) You would think that would have made me feel better but ALL I’ve been thinking is “then why is it SO small?” “Am I going to be a Mom or not” UGH! Sooooo here I am on your site finding a quite hope to hang onto and I can’t thank you enough <3 No matter what the outcome is going to be I don't feel guilty about staying excited! You have been such an encouragement. So thank you with my heart~ from Tulsa OK.


    • says

      Hang in there, Whitney! I think everyone has a bit of that doubt when you first find out you are pregnant. It doesn’t mean that something is wrong. It just means that you’re already a mama in your heart and hoping for the best!

  49. Crystal says

    i had my my 4th appointment today and i was told i was going to.have a misscarriage im really sad but me and my girlfriend just dont believe it. ive tested positive ive gone to the hospital and i was told there was no baby yet becauze it was too early in the pregnancy. thank you for sharing this story it sure gives me the hope to keep my faith alive.

  50. Laura says

    Thank you for your encouraging story. I just came from my 6 week ultra sound, and my mid-wife found a sac, and a baby smaller than she expected. She told me that it is either too early, or I am going to have a miscarriage, but that she is leaning towards the miscarriage. Of course, my husband and I are both going to be freaking out until our ultra sound next week, but still have hope that the ultrasound tech’s will do a better job at finding him in there.

  51. Rebecca says

    Great to see some great outcomes here! Thank you for sharing :-)
    I am currently 8 weeks (+2dys) and had an u/s 2 dys ago and was told there was no heartbeat, just a sac and I should miscarry on my own in the next few days. I did notice last week that my pregnancy symptoms had disappeared which worries me. I was told to go back for another u/s in 10 days. I am very sure of my dates and with no preg symptoms now, I am fearing the worst. Does anyone know if there is any natural remidies I can try to get my body to start the miscarry proces? It is horrible just waiting for it to happen.

    • says

      I’m so sorry you are going through this uncertainty! I don’t know of natural remedies to encourage the miscarriage process unfortunately. Hang in there, and if you are unsure of your dates, you might want to wait until your HCG numbers actually start going down and until multiple ultrasounds confirm miscarriage before moving forward with anything. We’ll be thinking of you!

  52. says

    I just wanna say that you have shed some light on my situation i experienced this with my now 13 year old with no explanation and now pregnant again for 3rd time making this my 4th pregnancy and experiencing this horrible nightmare all over again my hcg numbers keep rising and dropping but initially they were a little off from the average woman. I wish that I could just find out what causes this and what I need to do lost. last child 5-27-13 so Im tryna be hopeful. I haven’t had any blood or pain just discomfort and usual signs of pregnancy. i also got ultrasound oct 3,2013 which showed left ovary with now a cyst with a small opening in which the ultrasound tech believed to be the ovary in which i conceived. and stated that the lining of my uterus was thickening as it should but no sign of gestational sac or embryo. Could it be that I’m just too early to tell. I took at home digital hcg test which stated that i was 2-3 weeks. on oct 4th,2013 I found out I was pregnant sep 28th which was my expected period date. And my boyfriend has been away since sep 10th and I’m dedicated and faithful to him completely. But I”m wondering is this happening because the intercourse is not continuous is the sperm and egg dying off?

  53. says

    I know it”s pretty late that your receiving this message but its not intended for response tonight,but i would like to hear from you seeing that you’ve provide so much previous insight and experience.any suggestions yet i’m really stressed losing sleep and hope because all i’m getting is my numbers going up and down and was originally told on sep 29th hcg was 286 told with a hcg of 740 10-7-13 and everything should be ok and 10-8-13 hcg of 459 that i was miscarrying just so hurt because im not bleeding or cramping but did find out that i have uterine coastal fibroids that just appeared with this pregnancy. can this affect my hcg level?
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  54. Cecily says

    I am so glad I happened on this blog. I had the same thing with my last daughter in 07. I am older and had her at 35. My first few visits to the doctor, they kept insisting I was going to miscarry and sent me home with Pain meds. Instead I bought prenatal vitamins and wouldn’t lose hope. Her HCG levels just were not where they were supposed to be. I think I just was not as far along as they thought or she was just taking her time to double. I am glad your story turned out as well as mine. My daughter is now 5 and perfectly healthy:)

    • says

      I have great news u/s scan showed sac 5 weeks 4 days Oct 22nd,2013 and fetus 4 weeks 4 days and they saw an additional sac in which i go back Oct 29th to check development on this i’m happy even though i didn’t get the feedback i wanted at the time. So anyone reading this keep your hope alive anything is possible even when no-one gives you answers or hope believe and trust in god! He is amazing and the miracle worker of all things. And also ladies I have no fibroids or any other complications that they thought just discomfort from the growing fetuses.

  55. Jacq says

    Thank you for this story! I’m in your spot right now and scared to death the doctors have only done one ultrasound and only want one more before they want my decision but I’m only about 5weeks and my blood test show my levels are going up fr the two test they have done but not as fast as they want! Thank you for sharing I’m going to have a lot more questions now

    • says

      hey Jacq did everything workout for you and your pregnancy? sorry it took e so long i kind of gave up hop on this site due to never getting a response and seeing her respond so quickly to others just made me feel some kind of way. However nothing has looked up for me since
      last pregnancy fail so its very disheartenening to see everyone having perfect pregnancies

  56. Betsy says

    I’ve been doing a lot of online research and it seems like the only answers I will find are the ones that will reveal themselves with time. Your post has given me some hope though!

    I just started my 6th week of pregnancy after being told by my doctor I was probably in my 7th week. I went for an transvaginal ultrasound yesterday and was excited because we were able to “see” a heartbeat, but we couldn’t “hear” it yet. I came home feeling pretty happy that I saw a little heart bump flickering on the screen. A couple hours later I got a call from my doctor…

    My doctor said the baby’s BMP was 80 and that it was really low so the odds of miscarriage are very high. He also said my gestational sac appeared to be “too thin” and it looked “abnormal”. The next steps would be to get two blood tests and see where my hormone levels are. I got my first blood test done this morning, the next one will be Monday.

    Thing is… I feel fine. Other than being tired, I’m not spotting, I’m having cravings, and I feel no pain. I feel like I need to follow my gut on this one. I haven’t said goodbye to my baby yet because my baby is still here, and to be honest, I’m kinda’ angry at my doctor for telling me there’s a big chance I’ll miscarry before even getting the results of my blood work.

    I’m frustrated, angry, scared, worried, and STILL trying to keep a positive outlook all at the same time. I think my baby is okay and I think it’s too early for him to make a proper diagnosis. I didn’t want to sit around all weekend wondering if I’m going to have a miscarriage or start to bleed. It’s a horrible feeling and a heavy, heavy burden on my heart and the only thing I can do is pray and wait.

    I never understood what women go through with regards to pregnancy until it happened to me, my heart goes out to all of you. I pray my baby is still growing and is viable and I pray we can turn this around!


    • says

      Thinking of you, Betsy! Yes, it is amazing what we have to go through to be mamas, but it is all worth it in the end. Trust yourself and your body and don’t give up unless you have truly received enough information to believe it is time to move on.

  57. Rico says

    We just had an ultra sound done yesterday 12/03/13 and the ultra sound doctor said exactly what was said to you. My wife is devastated because she had a miscarriage two years ago. I was also devastated. Another doctor came in and said that maybe my wife isn’t as far along as she thinks or it is a miscarriage. They said there is a baby in there but the sack looks to be 8 weeks but not the baby which meant possible miscarriage, and that we are to check back with them next week. They said no heart beat was detected. We don’t want to be desperate but then again honestly we are, we really want to have this baby! So hopefully things will come out fine. Thank you for sharing your story it put some hope in me, and my wife.

  58. says

    Hello, I just wanted to provide an update since my last comment on 11/23.

    I’ve had a horrible first pregnancy experience thus far. Just… horrible. I never imagined it would be like this… After 11/23 the spotting got progressively more intense and eventually turned to red blood on the evening of 12/3. It wasn’t a lot and I had tried to admit myself to the ER but they were just too full and I had to be at work at 5 am the next morning so I went back to my hotel room.

    Prior to finding the first sign of red blood on 12/3, had three blood draws to test my hcg levels. The results were the following: 11/23: 6,732 – 11/25: 8,209, and 11/29: 10,885. On the morning of 12/4 I bled heavily, like a period, clots and all, but hardly any cramping. This prompted me to go to an ER closer to home.

    I was admitted to the ER where they did another blood draw and an ultrasound. The doctor came back with horrible news, I had lost the baby. They couldn’t even find the baby anymore, they said all that was left was an empty, irregular looking gestational sac and that I had most likely passed the baby already. The hcg levels at the time were around 13,000.

    Just when you think it would end here and I could finally begin to officially grieve for a confirmed loss, I went in for a follow-up visit with an OBGYNE two days later per the ER doctor’s instructions. On 12/6 I had another blood draw and my hcg levels had increased again. During the exam, the OB said my cervix looked about six weeks and it appeared to show I was having a normal looking period. She said we would keep an eye on the hcg levels and that we should expect them to drop since I had a confirmed miscarriage.

    Low and behold, the blood draws on 12/6 and 12/8 show INCREASING hcg levels once again, AND the bleeding has tapered off and appears to be going away. I go in for ANOTHER blood draw tomorrow morning to see if my hcg has leveled off or is increasing.

    As of today I am aware I am around 17,000 and climbing. I have no idea what it could mean. The doctor has confirmed it’s not an ectopic pregnancy, or a blighted ovum. She seemed perplexed the last time I spoke with her.

    If my hcg is still rising after tomorrow, we will schedule another U/S to see what’s going on in my uterus. My ovaries and the tubes looked totally normal.

    I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY BODY. And, I have no pregnancy symptoms. I actually never had morning sickness, just tender breasts for a couple of weeks and that symptom went away prior to seeing my baby’s heartbeat on 11/22.

    I feel like there is a remote possibility that my baby has survived the bleeding or that another egg was fertilized a few weeks later when I had intercourse after finding out I was already pregnant. I really don’t know and only tests can lead us in the right direction… My situation is pretty unique – I think? Been doing research online and it just keeps overloading me with worry!

    I’m at a loss. Sometimes I make jokes that I’m actually pregnant and my baby decided to implant itself on my butt cheek, you know, to laugh… because I’m tired of crying.

    Anyone ever heard of anything like this? I pretty much said goodbye after I had writing in my online journal… but now I’m not so sure… I don’t want to hope because I might get disappointed again.
    Betsy recently posted..Miscarriage? What’s the big deal?My Profile

    • says

      Oh my goodness, Betsy! I am so sorry to hear all that you have been going through! I’ve never heard of anything like this, but I just don’t know how you could possibly give up hope all the way with HCG levels still rising like that. Do you have a tilted uterus which makes it harder to get accurate ultrasounds? Are they using high tech ultrasound technology and doing transvaginal ultrasounds? Please keep us posted! Thinking of you and wishing all the best for you!

      • says

        Hi Charise,

        I don’t have a tilted uterus, but I do have a low pelvic bone. Which apparently makes delivery more challenging according to my primary care physician who used to deliver babies.

        Thank you for responding to my posts and keeping up with me. I really appreciate this forum, it’s a nice support network! A great place to share! Detailed update below. Not great news, but every dark cloud has a silver lining.

        Betsy recently posted..Miscarriage? What’s the big deal?My Profile

  59. Kym says

    First I would like to congratulate you on your beautiful successful pregnancy. What a great outcome! I am currently going through the same situation. I have already given birth successfully three times and have three beautiful daughters, ages 15,11 and 5. My husband and I decided we wanted to go for baby four before “closing up shop” , so to speak. Much to,our surprise, we got pregnant right away (first cycle). I was monitoring my ovulation dates very closely and had calculated I would be ovulating between 11/3-11/14. I should have gotten my period on 11/22. Come Sunday, 11/24, I took an at home preg test and low and behold there was a VERY faint line (I actually thought it was negative, but when I went back to check it after a few more minutes, the line had shown up). Very excited, we took 2 more tests. Positive. I decided to call my OB and she recommended I take a test at the doctors office. The urine test came back inconclusive. I told her that it was probably too early for a urine test from the doctor office and asked for a blood test. On 11/28 my HCg level came back at 84. They redid my blood work on 11/30 and it only had gone up to 109. She requested that I take a 3rd test and on 12/2 my levels had gone up to 199. I was definitely not “doubling” as expected. I received a phone call from my doctor and she continued to tell me that I most likely have a blighted ovum and / or ectopic, since my levels were not doubling. She asked if I was cramping or bleeding/spotting to which I replied , no, and she said “Hmmm, interesting.” She then proceeded to tell me that I should probably start thinking about taking a pill to help extract the egg out, to not risk infection. Or that a D&C would need to be done. I told her I would let nature take its course. She told me she wanted me to come in and speak with another doctor about my “loss” and all my “options.”

    My husband was devastated when I told him the news. He came home early from work to accompany me at the doctor visit. To my surprise we did not see my regular doctor (she’s a NP at the office I go to.). We were actually seen by an MD. He came in and was extremely optimistic. He asked why we had the long faces. Told us my numbers were not off from doubling too much and that I am most likely wrong about my period dates and my ovulation dates and that I am freshly pregnant. He told us to not doom ourselves just yet, however, we expressed our concerns about what the prior NP had told us. He advised that we would do an ultrasound, however, since my levels had not reached 3000, we would most likely not see anything. He was correct, and we were happy. Nothing in my uterus at 199 means that it still hasn’t implanted and we have a chance. He suggested waiting 7 days before taking our next blood draw and then we would do another US to see what we see.

    On 12/10, my levels came back at 3228!! Exciting news!! They were doubling exactly how they should be. He called to say he was happy with the results and to go back on 12/12 for a retest to confirm they were doubling. I KNEW this wouldn’t be the case. I know my body and I have a feeling my levels increase more around every 90+ hours. Results confirmed my feelings. My levels only increased to 3628. Still…it was an increase.

    On Friday, 12/13, at 1:30, I received a phone call from the original NP and she told me that I am “plateauing” and will be miscarrying soon. She told me that my levels have just not increased at all how they should be and that I really need to consider my options. She then proceeded to tell me to come in for a an US to confirm the miscarriage. I asked her if I would be having a vaginal IS and she said yes. To which I replied “Great! I can’t wait to see the sac!” She sighed….YES, she SIGHED, and said…”Ok.”

    When I arrived at my appt at 1:45, her first words to me were “boy, you got here fast.” Then proceeded to look at my with grim expressions and explained how my levels are bad and there really is no chance. I asked her to do the US and we will confirm what’s going on. By this time, she could tell I was upset with her dismay, and asked to check me. She did an internal exam and noted everything to be fine. When she started the tranvaginal US, she TURNED the monitor away so I couldn’t see it. I sat up a bit and moved my head so I could see the monitor (which she didn’t like). Right away I saw the GS. I was VERY happy! I also saw a fetal pole and knew exactly what I was seeing. I had a smile on my face and she looked at me and was like “Well……there is definitely something in there.” Her voice was very unhappy. I said that’s great news and we are seeing exactly was Dr. S said we would this week. He told me we would see the sac this week with a pole, and the following week we should see the heartbeat. I know we are right in schedule.

    She measured the fetal pole (secretly, by the way – I feel like she didn’t want me to see what she was doing) and then printed out the sonogram photos. She told me to sit up and proceeded to tell me – even AFTER a successful US – that I currently have a “normal looking pregnancy” but my numbers suggest otherwise and I really need to think about my options and to tell her the truth about my no cramping / no bleeding issue. I looked at her and said I AM NOT CRAMPING OR BLEEDING. Can we please be positive about this?? She just looked at me with that same grim look, dooming the death of my unborn child.

    She suggested that if I start bleeding over this weekend to ” not go to that ER because they couldn’t help me, but to go to the ER 20+ miles away. I told her I would go to the first place I needed to go to IF that happened, but, I know in my heart it’s not going too.

    She proceeded to tell me to go get a follow up blood draw today and schedule a follow up US with her next Friday. I told her no. I am done having my blood drawn and I will not be seeing her again. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. S (the MD who is VERY optimistic and excited about my pregnancy) for next Thursday. He will do a follow up US to confirm heartbeat. I am confident my pregnancy is progressing exactly how it should be and that I just happened to find out WAY early in the pregnancy and have to patiently wait week by week.

    I believe this NP is upset that I haven’t miscarried yet and is trying everything she can to be correct. I don’t think, by any means, she WANTS it to happen, I just believe she feels wronged and is refusing to accept she was not right (from her first diagnosis on 12/2 that I had a blighted ovum and suggested a “take a pill” to help the process along.

    Oh, by the way, I asked her if I could have a copy of the sonogram and she stopped….looked at it…and said…”Ugh, fine. I will make a copy.” She brought back the copy and on the bottom of it, it shows CRL .29cm / GA 5w6d / EDD 8/9/2014 . She did not disclose any of this information to me. Remember she was secretly measuring the fetal pole (the copy of the sonogram shows her measurement (+) markers. Apparently after researching myself, this side (.29cm) is normal and everything is good. Ugh, I honestly feel she just doesn’t want me to have this baby.

    Anywho, long story short, I am going through the same issues and, yes, I understand a miscarriage can happen to ANYONE, but to treat me as if I’m doomed from the beginning, is just wrong,

    I plan to make a formal complaint to the Hospital about her ASAP. She should not be helping assist women who are trying trying, are, or believe they are, conceive a child. Her Negative Nancy attitude, and her quick judgement to terminate before 8 weeks, is just madly insane. It hurts to know that there is more than 1 person out there like her. How many unnecessary “assisted” miscarriages are done on a yearly basis?? Sickening to think.

    I will be sure to follow up next Thursday after our next US. :))

    • says

      I can’t wait to hear your good news next week! And good for you for staying positive despite such a Negative Nancy! You should absolutely lodge a formal complaint though – unbelievable. Thank you for sharing your story!

      • Kym says

        Hi there – just wanted to update you on the results. Sadly, there was no baby found inside the gestational sac today and Dr. S. showed me how there was no blood flow inside the egg with the sonogram machine and also showed how there was nothing inside at all.

        He suspects that I will pass the empty egg sac within the next couple of weeks. He wants me to take some follow up blood tests to verify my levels are going down, however, I am not ready for all of that. I would just like nature to take its course.

        I am OK with this. It hurts, but, I am ok. As I stated earlier – a miscarriage can happen to ANYONE at any time.

        I just DO NOT like the fact that my first doctor doomed me from the get go. When in all reality, the pregnancy was progressing.

        Doc says that once I pass the egg, I can immediately start trying again. I find that to be great news!

        I will be sure to keep you all posted on the outcome. :)

  60. rikki says

    Wow,that is so amazing… it really is inspiring. Ive spent all night crying, because ive gone through an emotional rollercoaster myself. I had to travel far to see a specialist a month ago, to be told I cant have children at all. Then, I realised two weeks ago I havent had my period so I did a test, and I was pregnant! I was showing all the signs of a highly hormonal pregnancy, and then I went for my first scan yesterday. I have twins in there! They measured the sac to be 7 weeks or more and I said thats not possible because my last period was only just over a month ago and I clearly remember ovulating because for me it was a new experience with my condition. Theyre sure that the babies are 7 weeks and they couldnt find a heart beat at all. The lady was a trainee, and yet she asked me to get prepared for my loss and I looked her and the eye and said there isnt any loss, but thanks. I went straight to the doctor for a hcg and the results were that my hormone levels are very hogh and reading at about 6 weeks. Im hoping that the measurements just arent meeting the typical measurements that people expect a heart rate on, or that somehow the gear they had just couldnt pick up the beat. I go for another hormonal check tomorrow, and I pray that my twins are going to be okay. I really do. Reading this does help to put my mind at ease though I dont want to give up!

    • says

      Wow – you are already experiencing a miracle, and I hope the miracles continue for you! Don’t give up hope until you have absolutely exhausted every test and most importantly given it plenty of time. Please keep us posted!

  61. Taylor Gallimore says

    Hi, something similar to this has happened to me, but instead of a misdiagnosed miscarriage it seems more like a misdiagnosis! I have taken four at home tests, all great brands. The first two I took was early last week, and they were the plus sign or minus sign tests, both clear blue, and they both came back positive but faint lines.. Then due to my family not beliving me on the up and down line actually being there, I got a digital clearblue test, and it came back positive, clearly read at 3 min and no longer.. After the third confirmation we went ahead and told our families that we were going to be expecting and I was only probably 2 weeks along. I have had very normal periods this year, but in the past have had irregular ones but anywho.. Sunday(12-22-13) I was at work and started bleeding like a period, so they sent me to the ER.. First off, the ER let me sit, with no pad or anything, in the ER waiting room, not in an actual room, for two hours! Then, we get into the actual ER patient room and a nurse comes in reading my info off, then starts reading someone elses info off my chart.. it was alll typed on the same chart… so we had to wait even longer for her to know what she was talking about.. first thing they did was draw blood, later to only come back with a grin on her face stating I am not pregnant and was not ever pregnant according to their lab… She stated her test showed my levels were “too low” to be pregnant… Let me just say I have had a baby before and know to not be pregnant your levels would be ZERO, and she stated they were too low, and I was not miscarrying because I was not and never was pregnant… then we sit there even longer, and my BF goes out to tell them we want to leave since theyre not helping us, and the nurse states, they have to wait until my urine sample comes back for them… -_- This was dumbfounding due to, I had not even given the nurse a urine sample…. So after this incident.. I was sure something weird was going on and I immediately wanted a second opinion.. The nurses kept telling me their lab is not wrong and I was not nor was ever pregnant…Leaving devastated I went straight to walmart got another urine test, this time with weeks estimater, and it stated i was 1-2 weeks… I had already had an appointment at my local health department for the following day and I decided I would go ahead and go for a second opinion… So Monday comes and I arrive at the Dr. and their test also comes back positive.. She gives me prenatals and states to come back on the 2nd of Jan 2014 to see if the test still says pregnant.. I am very confused and I dont know what to think at this point.. Being as the ER told me I never was pregnant, but also didnt state my levels were ZERO makes NO sense….. How can your levels be low but not zero and not be pregnant.. I understand they can lower or double within a matter of days, but this ER nurse just didnt even seem to realize of course my levels are going to be low, I am only 2 weeks.. I owuld like just a little hope that something positive may still come out of this. My bleeding has dramicly slowed down since Sunday and it is only Thursday and my next appt is not until next Thursday. I really do not understand what is going on with me:(

  62. Jennifer says

    Thanks so much to everyone who has shared her story here. I feel like all I’ve been doing the past week is googling, trying to get as much information as possible about Hcg levels and possible miscarriages. I am so grateful to have come across this site and read your stories, both happy and sad. It’s helped me to feel a little less alone. Here’s what’s happening with me.
    Positive hpt 2 days after missed period on 12/4/13. Very faint line but a line is a line! First dr appt was on 12/20. Should have been 6 wks 3 days. Dr did u/s and saw the sac and thickened lining in uterus but nothing else. Told me we would monitor my hcg levels but to prepare for a miscarriage. I was obviously so disappointed. My first hcg levels came back at 2384. Very low but maybe I was early or just have low hcgs. Retested 2 days later and hcg was 3400. Increased but not doubled. Dr called with the results and again to me to prepare for a miscarriage. That was on Monday 12/23. It’s now 12/27 and no miscarriage yet. No bleeding or spotting. Some cramping but not painful. Still have sore boobs, slight nausea but not like my first pregnancy with my now 8 yr old daughter. Going back on Monday to have levels checked again, but for now in this waiting limbo. Am I pregnant? Am
    I about to miscarry? I just want to know so I can prepare emotionally. And so while I wait, I’ll keep googling. Thanks again to all of you brave amazing women.

  63. says

    Hello Everyone,

    Here is another follow-up post to my Dec 10th post. I just wanted to update and share with the group.

    I had another blood draw done on 12/11 which indicated my hormone levels were still rising. My hCG levels had gone up to almost 30,000. They hadn’t been doubling, per textbook standards and after my ER visit that confirmed an empty gestational sac, my OB GYNE wanted to schedule a D&C as soon as possible to avoid infection. I informed her that before we do a D&C, I wanted another ultrasound to make sure I wasn’t destroying anything that could potentially be a viable fetus. Since my hCG levels were still rising, I wanted to be absolutely certain. She was reluctant to agree with me but she did schedule the priority U/S per my wishes.

    At my final U/S, I had a very kind tech who shared all the details with me. Before we even started, I shared with her that previous doctors confirmed that I had lost the baby but that my levels kept rising. I explained to her that I was prepared for bad news and not to feel bad about sharing the gritty details of what we were going to see in my uterus, if in fact there was nothing. I added that if there was any chance I could miscarry naturally, I would rather do that than do a D&C.

    The final U/S revealed my abnormal gestational sac that had gotten bigger and moved up higher in my uterus. The implantation was no longer in a position considered to be low, but the sac was still abnormal looking. The tech probed and very thoroughly scanned every inch of my uterus. She shared the screen with me and I was absolutely sure that the tissue left over was evidence of what used to be a growing baby with a beating heart some time ago. I could finally say goodbye once and for all.

    I know what I saw at barely 6 weeks, a little flickering bump… and now, for sure, it was just left-over tissue that my body still hadn’t expelled. That explained why my hCG levels were still rising. My body still hadn’t let it go, for all intensive purposes I was still pregnant.

    Anyway, after the U/S was over, my doctor had an opportunity to review the images and said I had a blighted ovum. I didn’t argue with her but I know she was wrong because I saw my embryo at barely 6 weeks during my very first scan. I knew for sure my baby died at some point, but since the doctor didn’t see those previous scans, she assumed there was never an embryo. Anyway, I never bothered to explain it to her. As it stood on that day, it was a blighted ovum and my body wasn’t naturally miscarrying. My doctor insisted that we do a D&C but I said I wanted to wait one more week. One more week to let my body do what it needs to do, maybe I just needed more time.

    My doctor wanted to schedule a D&C asap, she was concerned and wanted to be safe. I wanted to wait. I didn’t feel I was a risk for an infection and everything was happening so fast, maybe my body just needed some time. I begged her to wait a week and she, again very reluctantly agreed to my request. She was simply doing what any good doctor would do, and that’s looking out for their patients well-being.

    I was right to wait and this why I say to follow your gut instinct. My story doesn’t end with a baby, for now.

    On Friday, December 13th around 1 AM, I felt strange. I was tingly all over and warm, and I felt as though I was having some acid reflux. I had no idea what was going on, I thought to myself that I might have caught the flu or something. I started to notice a very uncomfortable sensation around my vaginal area, an unfamiliar, uncomfortable throbbing sensation unlike anything I ever experienced. It seemed like that area of my body had a mind of it’s own and I didn’t understand what was happening. Then cramps came and went steadily and I felt like maybe I should go to the bathroom because I thought I might need to poo.

    I won’t go into any grizzly details about what things looked like because I don’t feel this is the forum for that. Let’s just say, I saw everything. And when I did see it all, I wasn’t horrified, I was stricken with a deep, penetrating sadness that I can’t even describe with words. There really are no words to describe the miscarriage process, other than the emotional pain is far worse than the physical pain.

    When I spoke to a nurse the following morning, she said what I had experienced were symptoms very similar to labor. Several blood draws later, my hCG levels are down to 190 and I’m relieved to say I’m on the road to recovery.

    It wasn’t easy. I had some very dark days. Thank God for the support of my friends and family.

    I’m sorry I do not have a happy ending to my story to share with you all and I hope that, in spite of my story, you do not lose hope.

    I wasn’t pregnant for very long, but I loved my baby and the experience has made me more humbled, appreciative, and grateful for life. My pregnancy taught me some valuable lessons and as a result, I’ve grown. Be grateful for the time you have, despite the news you hear from your doctors, all the what-ifs, all the textbook standard stuff… Doctors are great but you have to be your own advocate and push for answers. Ask questions, do your research (don’t overload on this, it CAN make you nuts), listen to your instincts, and most importantly….

    Betsy recently posted..Miscarriage? What’s the big deal?My Profile

  64. Jari says

    Omg u have me me so happy by reading this cause I’m going threw the same situation and I have decided not to give up thank u so much I’m so emotional and happy right now cause I feel like maybe I will have a miracle….

  65. Kym says

    Hi everyone – I would like to update you on my situation. My last post was on 12/19 and it was a confirmed blighted ovum. I decided to let things happen naturally and as of yesterday, nothing had happened. I had a follow up HCG test taken on Saturday, 12/28, and my levels came back at 11,776. I emailed my doctor and told him I would like to come in today to have a follow up u/s. If the sac was still empty, I wanted to go ahead and take medication to help pass the egg so my husband and I could start trying again. He agreed and told me to come in. When I got there the abdominal u/s, that maybe lasted all of 25 seconds, still showed a sac, but there was still nothing inside. We agreed that the medication would be the best thing, however, the doc wanted me to go to radiology to confirm (required) with their state of the art u/s machine, that he hadn’t missed something. A little confused (hadn’t they been telling me all along my sac was empty?!), I drove the 20 miles to the hospital and went to radiology. The technicial lady did an abdominal scan first, and took many many different photos of my uterus, however I was unable to see the screen and she was not telling me her findings. Once she was done with the abdominal scan, she let me know she would be doing a transvaginal. That u/s took 1.5 hours. This lady probed and prodded every inch of my uterus. And….wouldn’t you know – she found what she believes to be a tiny heartbeat. She had to bring in another tech to confirm her findings because she was a little confused at first. Some shots shown just an empty sac, while other shots when she moved the probe around, you could clearly see a little bean inside. The heartbeat is VERY low. They actually thought it could possibly be my heartbeat echoing on the scan, but, they did many many different shots and they could not conclusively say that I was not pregnant!!

    Could this be a miracle? I was on cloud 9! The 1st technician was concerned about my dates (LMP) and what I should be (at this time I should be 8-9 weeks). The 2nd technician was like “Nope, that’s not right. Her dates are off. She’s just not that far along.” So, the results were sent to my doctor, who called me right away and said “there is definately something in there and we need to wait another week.” He apologized for prematurely diagnosing me with a missed abortion, but, the dates I had given him corresponding with my hcg levels were suggesting otherwise. Now with this super duper u/s and my levels at 11,776 – both radiology and my doctor are almost certain I am just about 5 weeks pregnant – which would make sense with the ultrasound findings today.

    I am absolutely in shock right now. I was really expecting to go in today, and sadly miscarrying my baby tonight – but I am VERY happy we went for the confirmation ultrasound!

    Now – to wait 1 more week to confirm the fetal pole has grown and the heartbeat is there! This whole ordeal has been agonizing. But today – today I have HOPE!

    Will be sure to update next week!! **Sticky baby vibes!**

    • Kim says

      Thanks Kym for your posts. I too am pregnant, with dates very similar to yours. I had an ultrasound on 12/18 that should a fetal pole measuring 6w1d. Went back 5 days later and the tech said ‘I’m sorry, but you’ll have a miscarriage, I don’t see a fetal heartbeat and the fetal pole is still measuring 6w1d”. So heartbreaking. I have a 4 year old girl and have had a miscarriage before and after that birth. We so wanted another baby. I cried and mourned for a few days and then found a site like this that stated many women have had misdiagnoised miscarriages. I was told my options at the dr’s office. I have chosen to wait. I’m still waiting…should be about 9 weeks now and I still have very sore breasts, tiredness, etc. Intuition tells me there’s a baby there….but I just don’t know. Part of me thinks if my numbers are droping and I’ll miscarry, then why don’t the symptoms decrease too? I will wait awhile longer and go back in for followup US. Doctor didn’t even want to do blood work on me and I was too upset to ask for it. I really feel like I’m in limbo.

  66. Kim says

    Thanks Kym for your posts. I too am pregnant, with dates very similar to yours. I had an ultrasound on 12/18 that should a fetal pole measuring 6w1d. Went back 5 days later and the tech said ‘I’m sorry, but you’ll have a miscarriage, I don’t see a fetal heartbeat and the fetal pole is still measuring 6w1d”. So heartbreaking. I have a 4 year old girl and have had a miscarriage before and after that birth. We so wanted another baby. I cried and mourned for a few days and then found a site like this that stated many women have had misdiagnoised miscarriages. I was told my options at the dr’s office. I have chosen to wait. I’m still waiting…should be about 9 weeks now and I still have very sore breasts, tiredness, etc. Intuition tells me there’s a baby there….but I just don’t know. Part of me thinks if my numbers are droping and I’ll miscarry, then why don’t the symptoms decrease too? I will wait awhile longer and go back in for followup US. Doctor didn’t even want to do blood work on me and I was too upset to ask for it. I really feel like I’m in limbo.

  67. irene says

    @ I thought i knew mama
    here i went to the doctor today and they are telling me im 7 or 8 weeks pregnant because my Hcg levels are so high i beleive im only 4 or 5 weeks. well i had an ultasound done today and they only found a sac… you gave me hope they took another hcg level im waiting for the results now im praying for the best as i still have all the symptoms.

  68. dorian parrish says

    im happy you went against their opinion im going through this right now hoping for the best while the doctor is aggravated about retesting i still feel the need to look at ever angle rather then rush to abort this is my first pregnancy and im supposed to be excited but when i visit the doctor all i feel is dread because they keep trying to talk me into medical miscarriage

  69. crystal says

    can someone please give me some information… i went to a pregnancy care center & they told me i was 7 weeks pregnant but i knew i was like 3 weeks. they gave me a sonagram & then wanted me to come back in two weeks witch would have made me “9” weeks , they didnt find no heart beat & she also told me no growth has been seen since the last time i got my sonagram! she sent me to the hospital & they did a sonagram & they said no heartbeat as well.. does this mean im misscarrieng ? or could a miracle happen? opinions are needed please & thanks!

    • says

      If you believe your dates are correct, then stick with that you know. Don’t allow anyone else to tell you otherwise. There is no reason to rush any conclusions on this. Give it time. I’ll be hoping for the best for you!

  70. Dawn says

    I just recently was told I am miscarrying. I went last wednesday for my first apt and leave a we around 5000, I went not a full 48 hours later but my next west my numbers were around 8800. So my dr called n said ur normal and good. I went yesterday for my appt. to see baby and I could immediately see her concern. She saw baby but no heartbeat. By the app that the dr used to calculate how far I was I was to be 7 weeks 6 days, the baby as only 6 weeks 1 day. Immediately they want to schedule a D&C. I just do t believe it. This is my second pregnancy, and I had no problems with my first. I am scheduled to have another ultrasound next week before I make my decision, if I miscarry naturally before the , at least i know.

  71. First Time Mommy says

    Thank you so much for your story. My husband and I went to the doctor today to do an ultrasound, we found out that we were 5wks and not 10wks and that they couldn’t see anything but the sac. They took my blood to test my HCG level. I believe that I am pregnant and I haven’t miscarried but then I started to go online to figure out the symptoms and how to know if your having a miscarriage and all the hope I had in being pregnant just went down. My husband believes and I believe after reading you story that we are going to hear great news on our next visit. Thank you so much for telling your story.

  72. Anne says

    Hello, I’m going through the same exact thing. No bleeding or cramps still nausus but my Dr.s are telling me to wait for a miscarriage! I’m glad you shared your story it gives me hope!!!

  73. Maddie says

    I was diagnosed with a miscarriage at about 10 calendar weeks. The doctor kept trying to tell me that I was wrong about my dates of LMP and conception, but I wasn’t wrong. The fact that he treated me like I was stupid and didn’t have a clue about my own body and the one day my husband was home from a business trip really irritated me. Then the doctor was so cavalier about it all, said it was a miscarriage, nonviable, no heartbeat, and I needed to schedule a D&C as soon as possible. I had had a blighted ovum and even a miscarriage before, but this felt different. I just knew he was wrong. At the very least, I wanted the miscarriage to happen naturally so there would be no human interference with it. It never happened. Seven months later to the exact date after I was told I had a miscarriage, my son was born. To think that he was almost destroyed by meddling doctor wanting to do a D&C just makes me sick to my stomach. What upsets me more is the OB taking care of my two sisters kept telling them they had miscarried and doing D&C procedures on them, at least two times each. I just think doctors put too much stock in technology. Every pregnancy is different. Dates can be off. Babies develop at their own pace. Just leave them alone and let it happen naturally. It’s also possible the empty sac without a heartbeat could have been an underformed twin and the baby was behind it.

  74. carrie says

    I want to testify to everyone on how my husband and i got children after our 5years of marriage. we got married and we could not conceive a child we have been to several hospitals for checking and the doctors always say that we are okay that nothing is wrong with us, we have been hoping for a child, my husband was beginning to keep late night outside and pressure from the family for him to marry another wife and divorce me, i was always crying and weeping because i was loosing my marriage. so i visited my friend in Florida and she told me that she also have been through this same situation but she got her help of getting her own child from a great priest of fertility from Africa, so she told me that she will contact me to the priest and he will do some fertility spell for me to have my own child, i spent 4days with her in Florida and we both email the priest and he said i should bring all my information to him and he said in 2days after the spell will be completed. so i waited and i went back made love with my husband and i conceive. so i am very greatful to the priest for his help and miracle that help me save my marriage. please for same help, conatct him on

  75. Dominique says

    Thanks my cousin sent this to me because I am going thru the same thing. Now I have even more hope.

  76. Whisper Varlay says

    Thanks for this article. It made me feel more at ease. I am pregnant with my 3rd & got some devastating news today, but have a feeling they may be wrong.

  77. viri says

    im glad you had a happy ending im 18 and im goinng throught the same they told me my babys heart sopped and that it was messuring small , since then they asked me if i wanted to do a d&c i been praying and hopinng my babys fine , i havent ask for extra ultrasounds or blood test ckua im juat to scared to hear what they got to say , even thou im thinking and hpping my babys fine i havent felt no pain or havent bleed , but yeah since.y pregnanc started i been having a brown discharged they said it was a blood clot i had ,and when went to my ultrasound thwy juat told me my babys heart stooped and disnt tell me nothing elsesonce then i havent been confortable and im juat keeping my faith and patients for my next appt , im jua having alot of hope and im to scared to have ny hopes dropped .
    this story did made me feel a bit better and it was nice reading it have me a lil more hope thanks for sharing ♡

  78. miley says

    I am 6 weeks and no gestational sac:/ hcg level went from 1100 to 1900 in 1 week. This site gives me hope!! I go in on Wednesday. .wish me luck and much needed miracle!

  79. sharon says

    Hi I am around 12 weeks I believe.. and I’m on my 3rd pregnancy first full term and 2nd was a miscarriage at 4months.. at 6weeks I had my first ultrasound and the doctor believed that my dates wasn’t adding up due to them only seeing and sac and yolk. But no heartbeat.. so she did the blood test which my levels went from 2100-3000 so she did an second ultrasound at almost 8 weeks and it was the same so she scheduled me for an d&c the same week but I refuse.. I still haven’t had any bleeding and no major pain just it feels like the baby grows Getting fat and all. I haven’t been back to the doctor but plan on goin in the next week to know if what I was expected is true.. if not I might just go with the d&c but I rather have it natural

  80. ExpectingAmiracle says

    The Dr. told me last Weds at 9 weeks. that I had a missed miscarraige. He said the the sac was empty the heartbeat was very minimal and there was hardly no growth. I’m not sure what he meant by no growth the ultra sound I had two 3 weeks prior showed a perfect hearbeat and the sack went from 6cm to 17cm. I’m not sure if that means much but it leaves me with some concern as to weather or not he is accurate so I chose not to have any surgical or medical treatment because I feel strongly that he is wrong. I decided to research to see if that is even possible and I found your story among many.

  81. Rebecca Mandato says

    Thank you for posting this!!! I was told 2 days ago that they couldn’t find a heartbeat, and am hoping beyond hope that they are wrong. I go back for another ultrasound in about 8 days. I didn’t know much about hcg testing. I was measured at 9 weeks the first ultrasound, but then the last ultrasound they did, they couldn’t find a heartbeat and measured the baby at 11 weeks, when I should have been at 13 weeks. But looking back at the first ultrasound, and comparing to other women’s first ultrasounds and scale models of what babies look like at different stages, the baby could be more of a 7 week in that first picture. They said I have an anterior (front) located placenta, so it makes for hard readings, couldn’t do the Doppler, the belly ultrasound, and the interior came back with no heartbeat, yet they want to take the baby from me. I am praying and trying to ready myself for whatever may be in my families future, this is the hardest thing I have had to deal with. Any time I feel anything weird I get scared, but then find out it is nothing. Sometimes I think I feel movements, smile, then second guess it that maybe it was something else. This is tearing me apart not knowing. I was going to get a 3d/4d ultrasound 2 days after the only second opinion ultrasound my insurance will let me have, for my own personal super 3rd opinion. I have never had a 3d ultrasound and hope it will be a good enough window to really see what is going on. I am not sure I can wait 8 days or 10 with this back and fourth hope and dread torment. I am thinking of going for the 3d/4d tomorrow to find out.

  82. Megan says

    This post is from a few years back. I’m not sure anyone will reply. Your story has given me hope that my doctor is wrong. I am supposed to be 9 weeks. I have had numerous appointment already. We had one when I was 7 weeks, we were able to see the little bean and see the flickering of a heartbeat. The doctor asked me to come back two weeks later. We went to the appointment excited to see the baby. And after he did a vaginal ultra sound he said he is 99% sure we are going to loose the baby. We didn’t see the baby and he in my opinion didn’t try very hard to find it. He schedule is for another u/s that afternoon where we were told she woul let us see the screen if she found anything. Pretty much we couldn’t ask any questions during the process which made it very awkward. It’s my body and our baby we should be able to see everything and be told everything. Not constantly leaving appointments confused. Every appointment questions were not answered he came in did his ultra sound and that was the appointment. At the 9 week appointment he said the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. So how does a baby be 7 weeks and have a heartbeat??! Nothing makes sense to me or seems to line up. I have had no spotting cramping or anything to lead me to belive that there is something wrong. I think my baby is fine. I think I should go to a different hospital and different doctor. I am supposed to see my doctor in two weeks again. I don’t know what to donor think. I hope someone sees this and can help in anyway.

  83. nicole says

    I just had a positive hcg level of 275 but two days later it dropped to 185 and it is suppose to double, so my dr said I am having a miscarriage, but I have no paain, no cramps, and no bleeding……..Could the dr. be wrong? I can not accept his diagnosis until my body has a miscarriage. I am having another blood test in ten days.

  84. Tyfany says

    I just came across this very helpful information. I recently found out I am 6 wks pregnant. I am 42 and we are so excited. I had my pregnacy confirmed by a blood test at my family practice dr but sadly he no longer does ob so I called and made an appt of course they don’t want to c u until 12 wks I told the nurse I had a mc a year and a half ago and she had the doctor order my hcg levels to b tested they were 1000 then 2days later I went they were 1700 and 2 days after that 2000 and they tested my progesterone which was at 10.5 and the nurse called me today and said the numbers were not rising as much as they like so it sounds like a chemical pregnacy. They haven’t seen me at all . I’m not spotting or cramping but now I’m an emotional wreck. I’m praying that God will bless us as he did you and the nurse is mistaking. Thank you for sharing

  85. Darlin says

    Hello I know this post is a few years old but I read your story and it gives me some hope. I just found out I was pregnant a week ago just Before my period was due. (I found out cause I was suppose to have surgery) I started spotting on Sunday afternoon after intercourse so I assumed it was from that and went on with my day. I stopped spotting u.til about 11p

  86. Darlin says

    Hello I know this post is a few years old but I read your story and it gives me some hope. I just found out I was pregnant a week ago just Before my period was due. (I found out cause I was suppose to have surgery) I started spotting on Sunday afternoon after intercourse so I assumed it was from that and went on with my day. I stopped spotting u.til about 11pm so I decided to call the on call doctor to get some reassurance. So I laid down like I was told to and about 3am I got up and the blood was a little heavier. so I waited til morning to see if I could get on with my OB but no luck sent to the ER, which I’m turn did
    Blood work and an ultra sound. Doctor came in and said that there was nothing on the ultrasound and that my hcg level was not staying the same. He flat out told me I had a comeplete miscarriage. So I didn’t belief him so I went back to the hospital today to get my hcg levels from the week before and the one from yesterday. well come to find out that there is only one hcg done so he had nothing to compare it to.. My OB ‘s MA just called me and said that her report says that I need to come back in a couple days for another HCG test. It also said if the numbers are going up that I am pregnant and if the numbers are going down I’m miscarrying. She said that’s not what he told you I said no he told me I had a complete miscarriage. So since he never tolde that and was suppose to I go back tomorrow for another hcg count. Hoping my numbers are going up and not down. Wish me luck. 3rd pregnancy after being told for 7 years no more children

  87. says

    Any advice still TTC had ectopic laprascopy on oct29,2013 that day my life changed. I stopped living that day everything is grim and grey best friend sister cousins everybody around me is pregnant and I’m happy for them but miserable

  88. says

    To say the least got a puppy 2 put my energy into and gotta get rid of her. I’m just so depressed my life right until I get a successful pregnancy. Pleas help. Any advice would be so appreciated

  89. Kristen says

    Thank you for sharing. A friend of mine was told she was going to have a down syndrome baby and was repeatedly encouraged to abort him. Her baby is now a healthy, happy boy of 4 and does NOT have down syndrome! Doctors make mistakes, be careful.

  90. jessika says

    This was the same thang that happened to be but I got blood drawn every week. It sucked they keptnsaying I was having a miscarrage but I really didnt

  91. Laurenlee says

    Thank you for your story! I have been going through a very similar situation and it was refreshing reading your story. I too have just moved and had to find a OBGYN at the last minute. At my first ultra sound (supposedly 7 weeks) I was told I was only 4w5d. I was devastated and felt he instantly treated me as a miscarriage patient. I did 2 blood test and my levels were increasing by less than 30%. Again the doctor told me this was not good. On my 2nd ultra sound the doctor told me I was 5w6 days and no heartbeat. He told me that nothing on the ultra sound looked good and he was going to fill out paperwork in case I start to bleed. I am absolutely devastated, I know there is a chance it could be a miscarriage. I am going to a different doctor to have another opinion. I just want someone to sit down and explain everything instead of rushing me and telling me I will miscarriage. Thank you again for your story, I hope mine turns out that way!

  92. Margaret says

    I just want to thanks you. Your story sounds alot like mine found out I was pregnant on the 14 of August was told that I was about maybe 2 – 3 weeks long about 4 – 5 weeks they did a private ultrasound didnt see anything. And they told my hcg levels went down but they were not raising as fast as they were hoping for eather. I could not would not except that I was having a miscarriage cause all my pregnant signs started about I guess the 5 – 6 weeks of being pregnant and not just lil signs I mean full out signs. They said I should have my monthly thing in a week or two no signs of it coming at all and no signs of a miscarriage. So my boyfriend and I are goi g some where else in a week or two if I don’t get my monthly and get a second oppion my niece mom demanding it. So thank you for your story it has gaven me alot of hop. :-)

  93. shawnie says

    Well im just looking around
    for hope but i was told yesterday for the third time now that i would be having another miscarriage at 8wks… I went for a sonogram and
    Was.trying to have all the hope in the world and lost it when she didnt turn the monitor towards me and i didnt hear that little heartbeat… I waited in a room for a doctor to tell me the bad news.

    My third misscarriage and i just turned 28. I have a daughter who is two so shes my little blessing. I just wish i knew why this was happening i really would like one more child a little boy, kids to have here when im gone a piece of me… I just wish my story could end like a few of these i had a Mc in nov and last one at the end of july ended up pregnant unexpectedly in September… Im hoping at my next.appt that something is seen.or just something… I just want to know whats wrong.with me here… Cuz it hurts :(

  94. Lesley says

    I went through a similar situation, but they went so far as to do the blood test and an amnio and told me my baby would have downs. I was 21 years old and they said my chances were the same as a 38 year old, but could not tell me why. Then they sent me to a genetic counselor at UNM hospital in ABQ who told me that they would give me an abortion that very day (at 6 months) or they would send the baby to a “facility” for unwanted special needs children. Needless to say I was horrified and ran out of there. My daughter is 19 now and in college and never had any signs of anything abnormal. They were 100% wrong in their diagnosis. Women should always seek a 2nd. 3rd, 10th opinion.

  95. DeeAshley says

    I am coming across your story as I am researching for hope of my own. We Have been trying to concieve for 2years. We accomplished and also lost in October 2013. We recently accomplished again! And have had absolutly no problems with this pregnancy. yesterday was my 1st sonogram. Which I was told to be 8weeks8week 1day. (With no sono no blood work. Just off her head) but when I had my sono yesterday, they said I am either earlier than she thought or I have lost again. I am horribly terrified. I was sent for blood work before I left. More blood work tomorrow morning. And my hopefully not final, ultrasound is next friday! Praying for a positive out come!

  96. Rachel says

    Thank you for posting this. I am currently going threw this exact same situation … I had my hcg levels taken for the 2nd time this morning and I’m waiting on the results!!! I’m hopeful my story ends as well as yours

  97. Tasha says

    Hello my name is Tasha and I am going through the same thing right now. I was told 3 days ago I was miscarriaging but the person who done my ultrasound didnt seem like she know what she was doing and told me to get dressed and meet her in the hallway so i did and she took me to a room and said the doctor will be with you shortly so i waited for him and some woman came in and said she was a midwife and said your baby is dead and she wanted me to do some blood work she didnt even let me ask her any questions she just rushed me out of the room and told me to make an appointment for next week for some meds to make the baby come out and she just walked away she was so rude but i have not had any pain or any bleeding i have another appoinment with another doctor next weekand i hope i get some better news… the woman who did the ultrasound didnt even let us see it or listen to the heartbeat so i am sure about that place or the things the woman said to me. this has helped me alot reading that i am not alone in this thanks so much…

  98. Sade says

    This website has blessed me more than I can put into words. Recently I have been diagnosed with a miscarriage at 7 weeks. I have the same gut instinct that my doctor has my weeks off. According to my calendar, I could only be 6 weeks at the most and 5 weeks at the least. Doctor told me that baby is a week behind growth and has no heartbeat from transvaginal ultrasound, she ran no blood test and never went over what she actually saw on ultrasound in details. I feel her timing issue is the reason for her diagnosis. I have a follow up appointment this week and I am praying for the best. No matter my results, thanks so much for raising awareness to these issue, most women are in complete shock when they get this kind of news and hurry into procedures without even considering mistakes. You are saving babies!


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