3 Resources for mamas pregnant with their second baby (Green & Natural Mama Linkup)

Although I usually feel like a pretty informed and aware mama, being pregnant with my second baby makes me feel like I am entering a world of unknown. This means I’m reading up on how to prepare for having a second child as much as possible. Here are a few resources that have been helpful to me over the last week or so. I’ll continue to share more resources as I find them!

toddler snow hat

Baby is ready to learn all about being a big brother!

1. Second Child on the Way? Are You Ready?:
This guest post by Annie of PhD in Parenting on Code Name: Mama addresses the issues of the birth and arrival of the new baby, where everyone will sleep, tandem nursing, and dividing your attention.

2. Time for Two:
This post by Kimberly of The Girl is a Mom is the real deal. She tells us exactly how life is with a young toddler and a new baby, and she doesn’t sugarcoat it. I really appreciated this post!

3. Preparing an older sibling for a new birth:
This is a guest post on PhD in Parenting by Lauren of Hobo Mama. Lauren discusses different ways to prepare your older child for the arrival of the new sibling and provides links to books and videos that can help with this. This got me thinking about appropriate books to prepare Baby for our new arrival. Baby is 17 months old now, and he will not even be two when his little sibling arrives, so many of the more preschool oriented books out there for older siblings are not appropriate for him.

After doing some research, I ordered four board books, all by the same author, as a Christmas present for Baby. This is one of them: Waiting for Baby by Rachel Fuller
I chose these four books because they seem appropriate for a young toddler, and they do not contain words, so you can really tell your own story with the images. I also like that there are images of breastfeeding and multiracial families. I’ll let you know how Baby likes them after Christmas!

Please share any resources you have for preparing for a second child!
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  1. Anna says

    I have 3 kids, and I can tell you, it is not going to be different the third time either (in case you’re gonna have a third one of course). My brave guess is that all your pregnancy memories just get deleted as soon as your baby is born 😀 😀 :D.
    Anna recently posted..composite bondingMy Profile

  2. says

    This is such a great list! There are so many resources for the first child when it comes to parenting and birth, but not much for the second. And I found that the first 6 months of having a second child were ridiculously harder than I ever had expected. I wish I had been warned :) Not that I would ever change it. I love my family and my kids and the way it all turned out. But I definitely wasn’t prepared. You are going to be much more prepared than I was :)
    Gaby @ Tmuffin recently posted..Breastfeeding: All I Want is EmpathyMy Profile

  3. says

    Loved the post by Annie, I have a son he will be 6 in Jan, we had planned that we will have our second kid once this one is 8 years old. Now, you would ask about the logic, the simple logic was to give our maximum or best to the kid for initial years & our business wont be affected too. We are not sure that what we are doing is right or wrong, but we have been giving enough time to our only kid.

    Now, it loos like once he is 8, we may go for another baby.. what are your suggestions??

  4. says

    I love all three of those articles – super helpful! Thanks for the book recommendation, too. I just added that to my wish list, along with several other books for big siblings to be. :)
    Melissa recently posted..Joy Pockets #13My Profile

  5. Deborah says

    I have 5 children and I didn’t get to read valuable tips like these when I was pregnant. I can imagine the trials I could have avoided or even succeeded with ease if I got to read your suggested posts earlier. Anyway, everything still turned out well and I love raising my kids. Congratulations on being pregnant for the second time.
    Deborah recently posted..how to pick up womenMy Profile

  6. says

    I don’t have any resources for you, but I can tell you that while there will be some things you can do the same, each child will be completely different and may have to be related to in a different way. The really hard thing, especially in that first year (and with the older one still being fairly young himself), will be remembering to give the older one some special time so that he doesn’t feel ignored and still feels special. Getting the older one involved in helping out (as much as he can at his age, anyway) can go a long way to curbing sibling rivalry before it starts.

    Congrats and good luck with the new pregnancy!
    Grady Pruitt recently posted..The 100 Questions Follow-up Exercises – New Year Resolution Goal Setting – Mastering Me MondayMy Profile

  7. says

    I read through the last post cited by Lauren from Hobo Mom and I found it to be pretty interesting, especially as (coming from a young guy) my initial gut-reaction would be to shy away things like how a pregnancy takes place (in humans and in the wild) and other “sensitive” topics with young children. Interesting perspective.


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