The Best Web Sites for Green and Natural Moms

I have found so many wonderful web sites and resources for moms since I became a mama 14 months ago. I wish someone had handed me a list of all of the sites I would love right from the beginning, so I thought I would share my favorites to help other new green and natural mamas out there.

La Leche League
The Leaky Boob

Natural Parenting Advice
Natural Parents Network

Elizabeth Pantley

Cloth Diapers
All About Cloth Diapers

Feeding Baby and Toddlers
Baby Led Weaning
Baby-Led Weaning: The Essential Guide to Introducing Solid Foods – and Helping Your Baby to Grow Up a Happy and Confident Eater
Wholesome Toddler Food
WholesomeBaby Food Recipes
Wholesome Baby Food

Green and Healthy Family Living
Healthy Child, Healthy World
Moms Clean Air Force

Easy Activism for Moms

Deals on Green and Organic Children’s Products
Pure Citizen
LovingEco (green deals for moms) We cloth diaper, so we use this site for the “Green Baby” section. They have all of the top green and natural product lines and free overnight shipping!
The Peaceful Housewife: Green and homemade cleaners!

Children’s Activity Deals
GroupOn: I have found incredible deals on music classes and unlimited Gymboree use for Baby with GroupOn.
BuyWithMe: I have a voucher for StrollerStrides from BuyWithMe.
Juice in the City: Deals especially for moms found by moms in your area!
The local library: Free or heavily discounted library passes!
Savy Mamas: Healthy, active, organic, green, holistic & happy deals for moms and moms-to-be. Save up to 70% off while giving back to maternal health programs around the world.

Blogs for Green and Natural Moms
My favorite green and natural blogs are linked up on my Blogroll.

Web Sites Recommended by My Readers
The Zrecs Guide: A guide to safe children’s products.
The Smart Mama: Simple Steps to Non-Toxic Kids
24/7 Moms
National Vaccine Information Center
Peaceful Parenting
The Whole Network: Circumcision information
Birth Without Fear
Pinky McKay: Sleep and breastfeeding resource
Crafting a Green World: DIY for Environmentalists: Crafting, Making, Project How-to’s, and more.
Organic Baby University: Your Green, Non-Toxic Pregnancy Guide
Pledging for Change

I would love to add additional resources to this list, so if you have a favorite, please share in the comments section.

smiling toddler

We hope you enjoy our favorite web sites!

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    The sites looks fantastic, thanks for sharing the green links. Babies deserves the safest treatment and the best care and referring such websites is surely going to be a great help for parents. I’ll certainly share the links with my folks.


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