Baby Led Weaning: Did it really work?

by Charise Rohm Nulsen

Today, I am honored to have a post running on Natural Parents Network: Baby Food Be Gone: A Beginner’s Tips on Introducing Your Baby to Baby Led Weaning. As I look through the post’s photo essay, which shows Baby eating first foods such as toast with hummus, cucumber sticks, and multigrain rice cake at 7 months old, I’m amazed at how far Baby has come with his eating habits now that he is 13 months and how thankful I am that we did Baby Led Weaning.

For a complete description of Baby Led Weaning and for tips on getting started, please see the post on Natural Parents Network, but if you just want to know if Baby Led Weaning really works in the long run, then my answer is: YES!

Here is why I consider Baby Led Weaning to be a success:
– Baby has had a lot of fun exploring food. Discovering different textures with both his hands and his mouth made eating especially enjoyable for him. He still displays lots of enthusiasm during meal times.

– We never had to teach Baby to feed himself or transition from purees to table food. It just always was that way, which made things easy.

– It’s always been easy, for the most part, to eat with Baby at restaurants or when we are out. We can eat our meals while Baby feeds himself his own food.

– Baby is an adventurous eater. He may not like every food, but he will at least try it.

– Baby learned early on to stop eating when he is full and to let us know he is done. Because he has been in control of the eating process, I think it helped him communicate his food related needs from a very early age.

– Baby has always been able to share our meals with us and feeding him has required less prep and special purchases.

baby eats kale chips

Baby explores the texture of a kale chip before devouring a batch of them.

For more tips on Baby Led Weaning, please see 5 New Baby Led Weaning Tips.

Have you had success with Baby Led Weaning? Do you have any questions about BLW that I could try to answer for you in the comments section?

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