20 Ways to Help Your Child Sleep Better

by Charise Rohm Nulsen

As I’ve mentioned before, Baby throws parties in the middle of the night. He is the Energizer Bunny incarnate: he rarely needs more than 9 hours of sleep at night, and no matter how poorly I think he slept the night before, it never affects his next day and his naps are always perfect.

Although Baby seems fine with his sleep patterns, Hubby and I, of course, are always on the hunt for ways to catch a bit more sleep. This means I’ve spent a fair amount of time reading about gentle ways to help your child sleep. Here is a list of solutions that I have come across from various sources. Sometimes they work, and other times they don’t, but I thought it would be helpful – for me and any other mama out there who would like a more restful night of sleep – to compile a list of tactics in one place.

1. Introduce a lovey as a symbol of sleep and as a comfort item for your little one.

2. Follow a bedtime routine.

3. Give your child a soothing bath before bed. (Since Baby hates baths, this one never works for us!)

4. Massage your little one with lotion – preferably a lotion that is naturally lavender scented.

5. Play white noise in the background.

6. Use black out shades – or a night light – depending on whether your little one seems to need more or less light.

7. Drink chamomile tea that will be delivered to your baby through breastmilk, or offer your little one her own cup of chamomile tea.

8. Read a special bedtime book or sing a favorite sleepy song as part of your nightly routine.

9. Put a few drops of lavender essential oil on your child’s mattress or rub it into his feet.

10. Offer your child some organic cherries with their dinner. They naturally promote sleep since they contain melatonin.

11. Make sure your little one gets lots of physical activity and fresh air throughout the day to help naturally tire him out at night.

12. Try offering your child Herbs for Kids Valerian Super Calm or Hyland’s – Calms Forte 4 Kids if needed.

13. Stick to a regular nap schedule has it will help night sleep.

14. Have a consistent bed time and waking time every day of the week.

15. Make sure your little one has had plenty to eat and drink before bedtime. If you are nursing, “tank up” your child.

16. Wear your baby down in a sling.

17. Leave something that smells like you in bed with your baby.

18. Use a ceiling fan in the bedroom.

19. Nurse your baby down.

20. Co-sleep.

What helps your little one sleep better?
mom sleeps with baby

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