Rewriting the Baby Milestones – My Guest Post on Hobo Mama

When Baby was born, I experienced every cliche a new mama expects to encounter. I was in love; Baby was the apple of my eye; he completed me. Baby was completely perfect to me in every possible way.

When family members and friends met Baby, they seemed to validate his perfection. He was such a good baby, so nice and calm, so beautiful.

We appreciated these compliments, and of course, we agreed with them, but then I started wondering what these comments actually meant. If Baby screamed for seemingly no reason when someone was visiting, would that make him a bad baby? If he fussed, would he be considered not nice?

I began to realize that when it came to discussion about babies, people were most comfortable inserting them into boxes or categories.

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I am thrilled to have a guest post running on Hobo Mama today. Lauren of Hobo Mama is the co-founder of Natural Parents Network, the co-host of my very favorite blog carnival – The Carnival of Natural Parenting, and the first blogger who truly inspired me as both a parent and as a blogger.

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  1. Chris@twittermagic says

    an active baby is all i have pray to God to make my wife deliver .i love babies that a active and i dont see anything wrong i babies cries perhaps it needs some caresing .i love you mum for caring for me “she is a super mum that bears with me cos i had i was like troublesome when i was a baby

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