Wordless Wednesday: My June Baby Enjoys the Great Outdoors

Baby and adults at a barbecue

Baby enjoys having barbecues with friends.

Baby in carrier with mom by river

Baby continues to love mama rides outside.

Baby plays with a stick in the grass

Baby is already finding the magic in little bits of nature!

Baby sits on grass and smiles

Baby loves playing in the grass.

Baby holds a stick and smiles

Baby thinks sticks are amazing!

Baby with parents at festival

Baby enjoys outdoor festivals like Mama and Dada!

Baby plays drums at festival

Baby thinks it's even more fun to play drums outside!

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  1. says

    Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

    I LOVE the magic in nature pic! Great capture of some exploration.

    As for the sticks, have you seen the Eyelike Nature series of board books? They have one all about sticks! Its ISBN is 9781602141032 (so you can search your library, Google, or whatever).

  2. says

    My 4yo still LOVES sticks, and often brings home a whole collection. I’m hoping for a few more festivals this summer, I love dancing to music outdoors and there has not been much of that since my second was born. Glad to see you guys enjoying the outdoors!

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