What’s With This Weather? How to Protect Kids From Environmental Impacts

A Syndicated Post By Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, Executive Director/CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World

Tornadoes, fires and floods, oh my! Who knows what’s going on with this crazy weather we’re having? Some may point to climate change, but at Healthy Child Healthy World we stay away from political lightening rods, thank you very much. (Yes, that pun was intended.) For us, it’s all about our kids’ health. And this season’s extreme weather—no matter what the cause—can have some serious consequences.

Last week, thousands of Arizona residents who had evacuated because of the massive Wallow fire returned to their homes, but public health officials warned of continuing hazardous air quality, the Los Angeles Times reported. As late as Monday, tiny particles of charred wood—about 1/25th the width of human hair—still floated in the air. When inhaled, these particles can become lodged deep inside the lungs, proving dangerous especially for young children.

Find out how to protect kids from the environmental impacts of fires, floods and tornadoes at HealthyChild.org.

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Also, our friends with the Moms Clean Air Force are hosting a webinar for bloggers on Monday June 27th at 10amEST/7amPST called “Soaring Rates of Asthma Among African-American Kids and What Moms Can Do About It.”

Study after study has shown that airborne particulate pollution has sent asthma rates soaring among Latino and African American children. This discussion will look at the connection between coal pollution and asthma, the connection between asthma and race, and differences in health care given to suffering children. With Dr. Sande Okelo, assistant professor of pulmonary medicine at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, and Cecil Corbin-Mark, deputy director of WE ACT for Environmental Justice.

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How do you protect your children from environmental impacts?

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