It’s Friday, and I’m headed to Bloggy Bootcamp!

Today is a good day! I’ve got a guest post up at Typical Suburban Family about the life lessons I’ve learned from my favorite, little teacher. Also, it’s a gorgeous day, and Baby and I are looking forward to a free Mama and Baby yoga class today, as well as a long walk with friends.

To top that off, I’m heading to Bloggy Bootcamp in Boston this weekend! Bloggy Bootcamp is hosted by SITS, and it’s a conference about blogging and social media for women. I can’t wait to learn from these fabulous speakers and meet other bloggers!

Tonight, I’m attending a wine party at the Seaport Hotel sponsored by Mirassou (Hubby and I actually love Mirassou wine so this is a nice bonus). Tomorrow morning, I’ll be back for a brand sponsored breakfast to learn about connecting with brands, and then there will be a full day of education, networking, and fun. Hubby and Baby will be stopping by during my lunch hour to say hi and for Baby to get a little Mama/Baby nursing time, too.

SITS ladies, I can’t wait to meet you all!

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