What is greenwashing? (Plus a list of the very best posts from the Natural Parents Network team!)

Today, I am honored to have a post – Greenwashing: What is it? How can I be more informed? – up on my very best blog friend’s blog! If you haven’t been to Cloth Diapering Mama’s blog, please head on over for a visit to experience a fun, caring, and refreshing perspective on green living and natural parenting. I’ve learned so much from Jessica – or “Cloth” – as I like to call her, and I’m sure you will too!

A fun fact: Jessica/Cloth and I are kindred blog spirits, but we’ve never met in person as she lives on one coast and I live on the other, BUT on Saturday, we will meet for the very first time at The Great Cloth Diaper Change at Sloomb as we celebrate Earth Day, by joining the North American and International cloth diaper community to set the world record for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously. Stay tuned for pictures!

I am also very proud to be an author for
Natural Parents Network and to be part of an inspiring group of caring women who teach me something new every day. Below is a list of our very best recent posts. If you’re looking for some new blogs to follow or just a few great reads, please check out these posts:

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