I’m featured on BlogHer today!

Today is an exciting day because after three and a half months of blogging, I have met one of my writing goals – to have a blog post featured on BlogHer. I’m a Spotlight Blogger in the Family Section!

As described on BlogHer:

BlogHer Spotlight: BlogHer’s mission is, and always has been, to shine a spotlight on the fabulous writing women are doing on the web. Women are creating some of the best content on the web, about every topic under the sun. Our Section Editors scour the Internet to find that great writing for you –- we’ll show you what’s fresh and compelling all in one stop and help you discover new bloggers to enjoy at their own blogs as well as our site.

If you’re not familiar with BlogHer, it is the largest community of women bloggers. If you’re looking for guaranteed excellent reads, this is the web site to visit.

My post on BlogHer is part of a two week series called Parenthood, Actually. There will be a post about motherhood featured every day leading up to Mother’s Day. On Mother’s Day, all fourteen Parenthood, Actually posts will be featured.

I hope you enjoy my feature, and thank you in advance for any support you can lend by leaving a comment below my post on the BlogHer site!

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