A Poem from the Middle of the Night with Baby

April is National Poetry Month and the month of the Poem a Day Challenge, and I’m celebrating by writing poems in my head while I nurse Baby in the middle of the night!

Sometimes I think
you would crawl
right inside of my heart,
if you could.

Pudgy baby hands
grip and devour
long hair strands,
as if they were
reins to my soul.

Gaping, open mouth kisses
obscure my face from
haggard thoughts.

nurse, nurse, nurse, nurse,
forging us together
as one.

Little do you know:
Whether your hands
can hold me
Whether your kisses
pelt my face
Whether our bodies
connect us as one,

You have dwelled
inside of my heart
since the beginning of time
and will remain there
without end.

baby grabs mama

Baby's reins

baby hugs mom

Tight, tight hugs from Baby

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  1. MamaP says

    Brought tears to my eyes (joy!) for you and precious baby -LOVE your words, your feelings and your mothering……


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