A Poem for Baby’s 10 Month Birthday

April is National Poetry Month and the month of the Poem a Day Challenge, and I’m celebrating by writing poems in my head while I nurse Baby in the middle of the night!

unknowing yet wise,
diminutive yet full of heart,
have done for me
what I have spent a lifetime
trying to do for myself.

You’ve lassoed time,
drawn it in,
and placed it in a bubble
of peace and contentment,
fixed in place,
neither rolling back to the past
or forward to the future.

You have given me
the gift of the present,
where I’m now suspended
with you –
the past no longer
a prickly burr
holding me back,
and the future no longer
the impetus of my daily life.

Thanks to you,
the present
is all I need,
as long as I sit
in this bubble
with you.

Happy 10 Month Birthday, Baby!

10 month birthday boy

The time lassoer on his 10 month birthday

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