Bake Your Own Bread

by Charise Rohm Nulsen

Do you have any interest in baking your own bread?

First, I’ll tell you why it’s a good idea. Then, I’ll tell you how you can make your own bread with a super easy recipe in under an hour. Finally, I’ll tell you why I’m in love with my new bread machine.

5 Reasons to Bake Your Own Bread
1. It’s healthier: No chemical additives, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, and fattening sweeteners.

2. It tastes incredible!

3. It saves money: We bought a yummy loaf of bread from the farmer’s market last weekend and it cost $4.00. For the same amount, you can get a big package of organic bread flour and make 4 loaves of your own organic bread.

4. The house smells incredible and you can feel really good about the food your family is eating.

5. Your children can learn about the process of where their food comes from, and they can respect the whole, organic ingredients that go into a food they probably eat every day.

Here is a SUPER EASY recipe for homemade bread on Farmgirl Fare‘s blog: Farmgirl Susan’s Almost Too Easy Whole Wheat Beer Bread Recipe. I’ve made this bread several times, and it’s easy, hearty, and delicious. We’ve cut it up in chunks and used it as a dipper for fondue and really enjoyed it as a side dish when eating vegetarian chili.

Homemade bread

My first experience making this bread a few months ago.

If you can get your hands on a bread maker, prepare yourself to fall in love with a kitchen appliance!
My parents bought me an incredible Christmas present this year: Breadman TR2700 Stainless-Steel Programmable Convection Bread Maker

Yesterday, I made Honey Granola Bread in my Breadman and it was such a wonderful experience. The directions were really easy to follow, and the machine was extremely easy to clean. It basically functions as a crockpot for bread. There are over 100 baking options – including crusts, pizza dough, jams, and rolls. There are even settings for gluten-free.

I am committing to baking one 2-pound loaf of bread per week for my family. It was such an easy and fun process. Baby and I loved watching the bread rise and bake through the window on the Breadman and it was such a delicious addition to our dinner last night, and my lunch today. I’m looking forward to trying many of these recipes. Next up is Cinnamon Raisin Bread – yum!

My Breadman Honey Granola Bread

My Breadman Honey Granola Bread

Do you make homemade bread? What are your favorites? Let me know in the Comments section below!

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